21 people in 2021: Louisa Sax

Hey, dogs enjoy a good story, too, right?

While the Cayman 2.0 series has thus far been looking at the ideas and strategies that could make the country a better place, we’re changing things up for December. This month, we’re highlighting 21 people who could turn some of those ideas into reality – or at least get the ball rolling – over the next calendar year.

Louisa Sax made her publishing debut hoping to make a difference. 

“I’m super passionate about ocean conservation,” Sax said. “Obviously, I’ve made it my life. Unfortunately, children are inheriting a less-than-healthy ocean and it will be their responsibility to help make a difference. 

“Illustrations and friendly characters can tell a true story.”

And, so earlier this year, Sax wrote ‘Hawksbill Hero and the Parrotfish Reef’. Illustrations for the book were done by Oliver Kryzz Bundoc. 

“Hero, the hawksbill turtle is in a race against time to save her home reef. She goes on a journey to find parrotfish to help her. Along the way, Hero meets new friends and learns about why parrotfish are so important to the coral reef,” the description on Amazon reads. 

But Sax didn’t just want to write a children’s book, she wanted to make sure it was readily available for children to read.

21 people in 2021

James Whittaker
• Rachel Smyth
• Andre Gooden
• Adam Sax
• Marc Langevin

So she donated a copy of the book for every copy she sold. Those donations went to primary schools, libraries and non-profits. She donated so many books she had a copy in every primary school across the three Cayman Islands. 

Sax said it was important for her to create something for young learners. 

That’s an especially significant age group in Cayman, with data from the Office of Education Standards annual report for 2019 showing nearly a third of Key Stage 4 exam takers did not meet the expected standard in reading. Half did not meet the standard in writing. 

Louisa Sax at a glance.

Sax hopes her work will assist in getting children reading more at an earlier age. 

“Their minds are so open, and they have such great imaginations,” she said. 

“They’re so open to ideas, and they’re so open to change. When you put it in their minds that they can make a difference, they’ll grow up knowing that and having these values.” Her book can be found in a number of local bookstores and online. 

“I was extremely nervous about putting my own creative writing out into the world, but I’ve had such awesome support. So I’m motivated now to do more. And I plan to write a series of children’s stories around ocean-conservation issues, and I’m super excited about it.” 

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