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Wahoo by Tom Byrnes

Wahoo is a popular sports fish and makes for good eating.

The wahoo, Acanthocybium solandri, is a spectacular, silver-blue, missile-like fish capable of 60 mph speeds.

It can be found all around the world in tropical and subtropical seas, hunting in packs, and boasting a set of teeth that put barracuda choppers to shame.

Like other pelagics, such as tuna, mahi-mahi, and billfish, these guys are incredibly fast-growing. A wahoo may grow to 4 feet in length in just one year and top out at an astonishing 8 feet and 200 pounds.

Due to a very high, sudden mortality rate, most wahoo never get to a second year.

Years ago, many Cayman fishermen knew them as kingfish and queenfish, and aside from the thrill of catching one of these speedsters, they make excellent table fare.

Tom Byrnes is the owner/operator of Cayman Marine Lab. He acquired his Coast Guard Captain’s Licence when he was a teenager and worked as a commercial fisherman in his youth. He got his first diving certificate in 1974 with the YMCA. He has worked in the local dive industry for more than 35 years and has a PhD in marine biology.

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