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Kevin Goring's books of local words and expressions are a must-addition to any library. - Photo: Stephen Clarke

Not only do Caymanians have a distinct dialect, with accents varying from district to district, but they also have many unique words, pronunciations and phrases.

A handy guide to shed light on these colloquialisms is ‘The Cayman Islands Dictionary’ and ‘Caymanian Expressions’ by Kevin Goring.

Lowud (laow-udd) Adverb1. The leeward. 2. The lee side; the point or quarter toward which the wind blows. 3. The side of something that is sheltered from the wind. E.g. “Dey say dat it’s best ta hang yah clothes to da lowud so dey kin ketch breeze but nah enough dat duss kin blow on um.”

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