Controversial Boggy Sandy seawall property rejected

Owners of this property on the waterfront at Boggy Sand Road in West Bay have been denied permission to replace the existing cabana with a residential home. - Photo: Taneos Ramsay

The Central Planning Authority has rejected an application to replace a cabana and seawall built close to the sea on Boggy Sand Road in West Bay.

The cabana and seawall were built after the CPA granted permission in 2009. New owners of the site, Cayman Property Investments Ltd, had recently applied to remediate the seawall, which is becoming structurally unsound, demolish the cabana and replace it with a two-storey house with a covered roof terrace.

The National Conservation Council, in its submission in response to the application, had advised the CPA to reject it, saying it would be “negligent” to approve planning permission for a residence set so close to the high water mark on a beach that had already suffered serious erosion.

The CPA announced on Thursday that it had rejected the application.

The NCC, via the Department of Environment, had stated that the existing structure’s seawall had been built “too close to the sea on an active beach”.

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It also pointed out that the planning application did not appear to contain accurate dimensions, and was closer to the high water mark than indicated on the architect’s report submitted to the CPA.

“There are absolutely no mitigating circumstances which could justify a departure from the legally prescribed setbacks in this location and, in our view, it would be negligent to permit a residential development on this site,” the NCC stated.

Engineers have found that the existing cabana structure is structurally unsound “relating to failure of the foundations”, the NCC noted.

“In our view, it would be negligent to grant approval for a dwelling on this property with no comfort that the proposed design will not also result in the same structural failure as the existing,” it said.

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