Sharing a story of kindness

Sketch of the Bodden Town cottage of Dan and Catherine Peek. - Image: Courtesy of Gordon Osborne

(Dan Peek was a member of the band America from 1970-1977. He and his wife, Catherine, lived in Bodden Town for 12 years until 2002.)

I was recalling an encounter of uncommon kindness with the Peeks in the Cayman Islands with a friend just yesterday.  Alas, as I searched the internet for current news of this couple, I learned of Dan’s passing [in 2011] through a Cayman Compass article and of Catherine’s passing in March [this year]. 

I met Catherine on the beach in front of a house on Manse Road.  I was sketching this house and the trim detail when this shadow fell across my work and this tremulous voice with a distinct British accent asked, “ I say, are you doing a drawing of my house?”

I looked up to a smiling Catherine and explained how I was captivated by the house and the trim around its eaves. She laughed and said, “Why, those are ‘Granny Britches’.”

I found my sketch book from years ago and the sketch with the note, “Katherine (sic) Granny Britches”.

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Catherine invited me into their home and introduced me to Dan. They were very gracious. We shared our backgrounds of moving around the world while growing up, and the following day my family and I were invited by Catherine and Dan to a picnic with them on the other side of the island.

I am sharing the story because of the memory of their generosity, which in my opinion is testament of their faith in God and love for their fellow man.

Gordon Osborne

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