Olga Smith imprisoned for 7 years for stabbing death

A three-year 'toxic' relationship ends in death

Olga Elizabeth Smith has been sentenced to seven years and one month in prison for a single count of manslaughter.

Marvin Xavier Conolly Armendarez

Smith, 37, stabbed and killed her then-partner Marvin Xavier Conolly Armendarez, 27, in March 2020 after an alleged confrontation.

Sitting in silence, Smith listened on as Justice Cheryll Richards recalled the events of the night that led to Conolly’s death.

“This was a serious and tragic event that resulted in the loss of life and deep grief for both families involved,” said Richards.

Richards said at the time of Conolly’s death he had been dating Smith for three years.

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A ‘toxic’ relationship

“The relationship was described as ‘toxic’,” said the justice. “Both families have attested to the verbal and physical abuse the defendant and the deceased endured, from each other.”

On the night in question, Smith and Conolly had been arguing. They eventually went out for drinks at a North Side bar, and on the way home, Smith is said to have put Conolly out of the car and told him to walk home which was approximately a mile away.

Conolly is said to have punched Smith when he arrived home which led to a fight, which ended with Smith stabbing Conolly in the neck and killing him.

Shortly after killing Conolly, Smith is said to have gone to a neighbour for help to call police, as both phones were destroyed during the fight. At the time, Smith did not tell her neighbour or the police that she had stabbed and killed Conolly.

She was soon arrested and taken into custody. A short time later, it was discovered she was pregnant, and due to government-imposed COVID-19-suppression measures, she was granted bail on the condition of a strict 24-hour curfew.

In October last year, she entered a not guilty plea to murder, but a guilty plea to manslaughter out of provocation.


Richards started with a term of 12 years in prison, when sentencing Smith. She then adjusted the sentence, based on aggravating and mitigating circumstances.

“There was a clear attempt to mislead the authorities which would have continued had medical officers not proven it could not have been self-inflicted,” said Richards.

When addressing mitigating circumstances, Richards stated that while Smith lost control of her actions, the loss of control was understandable, as it occurred over a sustained period of provocation.

The 12-year sentence was initially reduced to nine years and six months. That was further reduced to seven years and one month. A further reduction will be given for the time spent in custody and under 24-hour curfew. Richards did note that time spent in curfew during Cayman’s hard and soft curfews was not to be deducted from Smith’s sentence.

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