Looking back in time: Seaview Hotel

The Seaview Hotel pool. - Photo: Terri Merren

Everyone talks about the ‘good old days’ when times were simpler. Take a look at this picture from yesteryear and see if you can spot places, people and scenes you recognise.

Seaview Hotel
For many residents, the Seaview Hotel on South Church Street was a treasured happy hour spot, the perfect venue for live music, and an iconic building.

This picture, posted by Terri Merren on the Old Cayman Facebook page, is of Seaview’s saltwater pool, where many a school swim meet was held. I personally remember coming last in a race in that pool when I was a St. Ignatius primary school student.

The area to the left – with all the white chairs – was the outdoor patio for the bar, and beyond that was the dive shop. Dive instructors would mingle with office workers over a cold beer in the evenings, while maybe Bob Moseley and his band played some tunes on the makeshift stage.

Those who were living on the island at the time would be familiar with Miss Doris, Miss, Hyacinth and Miss Mona, some of the memorable staff members that worked at Seaview.

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One of the many characters who hung out at that bar on a fairly regular basis in the ’90s was the guy that everyone simply called ‘Dude’. Often seen walking the road with his long, blonde hair blowing behind him, and almost always sporting a pair of jeans shorts, he tended to share his unique and entertaining personality between Seaview and Lone Star.

Seaview was also known for its costume parties, and back in the day, it was one of the stops on the Halloween three-bar-tour that also featured Sunset House and Blue Parrot.

There were sometimes concerts held in the parking lot, with none other than America performing for large crowds of fans.

It was a sad day for many when Seaview finally closed its doors and the site was razed around 2007. The SeaView condominium development was built in its place in 2008.

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