More than 140 passengers on board a Sunwing Airlines charter flight to Canada that was due to depart Grand Cayman Monday afternoon have been placed in quarantine after the plane was grounded because of “technical difficulties”.

The flight from Owen Roberts International Airport to Toronto experienced the problems prior to take-off, according to a statement from Travel Cayman.

“We are arranging for the 141 travellers on-board the flight to be relocated to quarantine facilities until the plane is able to depart, on the advice of Public Health,” Casandra Morris, Travel Cayman director, said.

She added, “Although Travel Cayman is prepared for these emergency situations, we would like to thank the passengers on board the flight for their patience while arranging for their safe relocation.”

Passengers on the flight were told that the technical trouble involved a warning light relating to the aircraft’s air speed comparator.

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One passenger told the Compass that the plane was already preparing for take-off and was speeding down the runway when “they hit the brakes pretty hard”. After a few minutes, the plane moved back to the apron.

“The captain said a light had come on in the dashboard in the cockpit that doesn’t normally come on. He said before we got going too fast, we should stop and check it out,” the passenger said.

The passengers remained on the aircraft for about three hours while the technical difficulties were assessed, and then were informed that they had to deplane and would need to go into quarantine because they had been exposed to the crew.

The passengers were taken by buses to Holiday Inn and Wyndham Resort – hotels that are being used as government quarantine facilities.

They have been told their flight is now scheduled to leave at 10:30am tomorrow, 24 Aug.

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  1. What a joke…this just goes to show you the ill conceived notions of this government. These people are LEAVING Cayman and clearly tested negative. If Cayman is living in COVID free environment then why couldn’t these passengers just go home and return the next day. Makes no sense and no way can they justify it. So sad to see what Cayman is turning into. Really sad.

  2. I’m confused. All 141 passengers were and have been IN Cayman for some time. Right? So why are they being quarantined after being on a plain that did not leave?

    Does the CIG not trust the flight crew and think they could have infected somebody?!?!?!?!?!?

  3. Hey look the compass added back in the thumbs up or down….interesting…so i must not have been the only one complaining….amazing when the customer speaks up and its nice to see them listening. Good Job Compass. Thank you!