Faced with the re-emergence of local transmission of COVID-19, Premier Wayne Panton announced Tuesday that the next phase of the border reopening plan will be put off for the rest of this year.

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  1. I am concerned about the new Covid-19 transmissions but more annoyed at the population that is not vaccinated. The end of Cayman as we know it will result if we do not control the spread of this virus. We will not do so unless we are vaccinated. We can stick our heads in the sand and hope that all will be OK in a couple of years when we pull our heads out – but when we do we will find out the threat and transmission of the virus is still there – why??? because we are not vaccinated and therefore those not vaccinated will start the transmission once again. The world will be well past that and will have a level of immunity that Cayman will not have. The fear will be to NOT travel to Cayman because you can get it there

    • I for the most part agree with you about the virus still being there in two years….but its not because of the unvaccinated. Its because its a VIRUS….just like the FLU has never been eradicated with the introduction of the flu vaccine/shot. I am vaccinated, but people need to quit blaming them for this governments ineptitude. Your body, your choice. We cant pick and choose when we say “your body your choice” to fit an agenda. At the end of the day this virus is not going away even if 100% of the people get vaccinated. Time to move on people…maybe the compass should announce every day when someone dies in the community. This way caymanians and others can remember that people do die in this world and people do get sick. I think we have forgotten as a society that this happens every single day.

      • I also agree with you to a degree Brian, it is our body, it is our choice, but when does it stop being about the individual and start being about society as a whole? It is all very well and good saying ‘my body, my choice’ but what about the social responsibilities that we all have towards society?
        I suspect that this argument has been raging since before Socrates however, so doubt we will ever arrive at some sort of answer.

  2. The end of Cayman as we know it is already happening if the borders do not open. Its completely unacceptable for our government to go back on their plan. Embarrassing for anyone to accept this!

    Time to live with COVID just like everyone else! Open them up!

  3. In Europe the Greek Islands have been open all summer, as has the Balearics and the Canary Islands. They are managing the pandemic knowing full well its not going away any time soon. Do you think that in a few months anything will be any different?

    You have to find ways of managing the issue and taking the precautions necessary. Whilst ever the tourists have to isolate they won’t be visiting, they’ll just find other destinations.

    • This is absolutely right. It is unrealistic to expect that we will never have COVID in the Cayman Islands. We have already been closed far too long. The rest of the world has been open for 4 variants. We are more vaccinated than any of them. The longer we refuse to open the more we miss our window an the decline in our economy is already beginning. Imports are down this year, duties are down, the pensions have been spent, the real estate bought. We must get open again and have an economy or we will be much smaller and risk destabilizing the entire Cayman ecosystem.

  4. What is happening with breachers – many warned but have any actually been held accountable , fined or imprisoned?

    Covid will come here no matter what, but we have lost control because of a few people who could not care less about others.

    The same mentality exists for driving here, basic rules just don’t apply to some. Little things like – indicate, use the correct lane, yielding, speed, dui.

  5. If Cayman is waiting until the infection rate is “zero”…….the border will never be re-opened. It is scientific buffoonery to believe that Cayman will completely eliminate the COVID virus or it’s clones.
    What will our political masters do if there is an outbreak of measles, or chicken-pox? Shut down the island? If anyone choses to not get vaccinated, they should be the ones who live with the consequences, not the whole country.


    We have had hundreds of planes/ships and over 20,000 “arrivals” (humans) in the past 15 months. We have hundreds of arrivals in isolation every day… who go back and forth across the borders. Face the facts…Cayman borders are open.

    What is going on now is just anxious rhetoric aimed at the “scapegoat” of 100% vaccinated humans called “tourists” (mostly from the US) who can be identified, who are willing to be tested (before, on arrival and during their stay) and who generally remain segregated from the local population by geography (condos on 7MB or villas in eastern districts) as well as accommodation type (stay at property at resorts/hotels/dive resorts). They also stay outside as much as they can.

    Many of these same people have come to Cayman for many years, but are now being asked to travel elsewhere…specifically Turks, Bahamas, Bermuda, BVI..oddly enough, all UK Territories who also rely on Health England for guidance as well as Pan American Health and who all live with the reality of pushing vaccination to fight COVID WHILE keeping their economies & small businesses alive. CIG only counts for 25% of GDP spending. The private sector makes up the other 75% and OVER A THIRD of that has been closed for 18 months. Thousands have already lost their jobs and more thousands will lose their jobs if Cayman doesn’t develop a viable plan for attracting vaccinated tourists only using a staged plan.

    Does Cayman really know something that Health England, PAHO, WHO and the other UK Territories not know?

    The borders are already open. Let’s just do a better job at testing on arrival and on day 7 and 14… vaccinated or not… and establish a smaller $500 fine (but enforced rigorously) for persons who visit quarantining individuals and violate the 5 minute or space rule… more people fined $500 will work better than 3-5 people facing $10,000 and who hire lawyers and attract media coverage.

    Tourists didn’t bring COVID to the local Community… the Community brought COVID to the Community. Don’t blame the scapegoat tourists for that.


      If you can’t easily book a flight on Google flights or Expedia from a friendly well known carrier and you need to ask the government permission to enter, then the BORDERS ARE CLOSED. Fake news to report any different.

  7. Well said Peter F!

    Such a simple solution to everyone’s concerns = get vaccinated!!!

    Unfortunately all the unvaccinated want to do is criticize Government and the other responsible vaccinated people… so sad for Cayman!!

    • Suzi R……i assume you are okay with a man telling you what you can do with your body correct? what happened to “my body, my choice”? You dont get to choose when this does or does not apply. People have a right to what goes in their body. If you understood ANYTHING about vaccinations you would know that its not the unvaccinated causing the spread…Its the fact that this is a VIRUS and will spread just like all viruses spread. Vaccination certainly helps slow the spread and helps keep those infected from getting seriously ill, but it does not eradicate it. After all we still get the FLU every year even with vaccines for that. So stop blaming others who have a right to decide what goes in their body because you want to live in fear. If youre vaccinated then you have done all you can do for you. You dont get vaccinated for others, you do it to protect yourself. If those that are unvaccinated get sick then thats the choice they have made. And if even vaccinated individuals can still spread it then how can you say vaccination is the only way to get rid of it? Because you cant….its NEVER going away. Time to move because its not fair to all those who have suffered and lost so much due to the closure.