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While medtech booms, challenges await

While the medtech industry grows and more key players begin to adopt digital healthcare services, there are several challenges that have slowed use and functionality.

When it comes to medtech, business is booming

The total global medical technology industry’s market size is approximately US$500 billion and expected to grow to $600 billion by the end of 2024, according to

Drones: Eyes in the sky and in the sea

Drones are being used by several government departments, organisations and companies in the Cayman Islands for a variety of purposes, from law enforcement to monitoring the health of Cayman’s reefs to keeping an eye on baby booby birds.

Tech in bricks and mortar fields

With Grand Cayman on the cusp on revamping how it disposes of garbage – at the proposed ReGen waste-to-energy and recycling facility rather than at the long overused ‘Mount Trashmore’ landfill – technology will play a large role in both the construction and the operation of the plant.

Sunny side up: Hi-tech solutions for powering homes

As Tropical Storm Grace lashed Grand Cayman on 18 Aug., electricity across the island went out, leaving most residents to sit out the strong winds and rain in homes with no lights and no air conditioning. But at a handful of homes, when the CUC power blinked off, Tesla Powerwall batteries snapped into action in a fraction of a second.

Rising risk of ransomware

A hacker holding assets hostage for a hefty ransom was once a common storyline in many a Hollywood movie, but this act has quickly become one of the leading real-life cyber-attack strategies against companies and private individuals.

Ombudsman fights data breaches

Cayman’s data protection legislation forms a key part of efforts to ward off cyber criminals seeking to misuse personal information or exfiltrate data gathered through legitimate business practices.

Vigilance essential in cyber fight

Gone are the days of cloaked hackers in darkened basements launching attacks; instead, cyber-security professionals are now facing organised cartels of digital terrorists determined to make profit off any gaps they can exploit within corporate and government bodies.

Gov’t moves to fortify ‘ring of steel’ against cyber attacks

With Cayman’s economic stability now heavily vested in financial services, as tourism remains closed, keeping assets ‘cyber secure’ within that industry and within government is not just a reputational concern, but crucial to the country’s very survival.
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Building the foundation for a digital future

Amid the opportunities and threats posed by the rapid advancement in technology, the Cayman Compass Issues section this month looks at how the Cayman Islands could create a smart island at the forefront of that change and the steps we would need to take for that to happen.

Digital future requires infrastructure upgrades

Experts call for improvements in Cayman's tech infrastructure for best-in-class internet access, as well as stronger IP legislation.

Opportunities abound in Cayman’s digital future

From cryptocurrency to NFTs and blockchain technology, Cayman has plenty of room for growth in the tech industry

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