Podcast: Caribbean food security in times of pandemic

Regis Chapman, head of the programme's Caribbean office in Barbados, explains what the economic impact of the crisis means for regional food security and ways governments can immediately provide relief. He also explores the role of disaster management in maintaining supply chains and access to essential items.

Podcast – Know your rights: Cayman’s Freedom of Information Law

In the Cayman Islands, any individual holds the right to request information of government and public authorities. This right first came into effect in January 2009 through the Freedom of Information Law, later amended in 2018 to include data protection considerations.

Podcast: Resilience and Little Cayman’s reefs

In this two-part episode, we explore the reef off of Little Cayman with the Central Caribbean Marine Institute. During these months of lockdown, CCMI scientists have continued their work with coral restoration and research.

Podcast: Forecasting the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season

June marks the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season, and forecasters are predicting an above average year.
Blue Iguana

Essential work: Caring for Cayman’s blue iguanas (AUDIO)

As residents of Grand Cayman shelter indoors, the island’s blue iguana population is enjoying some peace and quiet – a possible benefit for breeding season.

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