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A beacon of modern agriculture

A tour of Beacon Farms, an innovative project is helping recovering addicts and introducing new farming ideas to Cayman.

Cayman begins exporting cigars to US

The Cayman Cigar Company, a Grand Cayman-based non-profit, has begun exporting its cigars to the United States.

Farm plants seeds of hope

Beacon Farms is pushing ahead with plans to produce coconut oil, grow tobacco and experiment with other marketable products to help fund its work with recovering addicts.

EDITORIAL – Recognizing and hopefully encouraging all at Beacon Farms

Beacon Farms has tapped into a well of knowledge in making the focus of its business the growth of both seeds and planters.

A beacon of hope for recovering addicts

The 34-acre property in Frank Sound is growing into a fully functioning agricultural operation that aims eventually to produce everything from livestock feed and coconut oil to Cayman’s first homegrown, premium cigar. But its real business is recovery.

Homegrown smokes, courtesy of Beacon Farms

“There are no bad cigars … only better ones.” There are many clichéd adjectives to describe the flavor of a fine cigar. Such worn out jargon as “full-bodied,” “mild,” “tart” or “woody” is often bandied about in smoking lounges. I keep it simple with, “Wow, this is nice.”

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