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Clean up the Brac landfill

Before Cayman Brac is opened to tourism and COVID-bearing travellers from abroad, time to finally clean up the egregiously nasty dump of that treasured...
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Brac residents urged to dispose of metal waste

Cayman Brac residents are being urged by the Department of Environmental Health to transport derelict vehicles and other metal waste to the Cayman Brac Landfill by Feb. 26.

No air-pollution controls at landfill incinerators

The George Town and Cayman Brac landfill incinerators have burned nearly 2 million pounds of trash since August 2016, all without the use of scrubbers – devices to remove toxins from the incinerators’ exhaust.

Brac incinerator fixed, but George Town’s now broken

The incinerator at the Cayman Brac landfill is back up and running after being in disrepair for nearly four months – a situation that led to untreated medical waste being dumped in an open trench there, in violation of public health regulations.

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