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195 conch and four lobsters illegally taken

Two individuals were warned for intended prosecution after Department of Environment conservation officers caught them with 195 conch and four lobsters on Friday.

Conch, whelk season closes until November

Anyone possessing, attempting to sell or attempting to buy locally caught conch or whelks during the closed seasons will face prosecution under the National Conservation Law, according to the Department of Environment.

Conch season

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Conch and whelk season opens

Thursday, Nov. 1, is the official opening of conch and whelk season in the Cayman Islands. The season has been closed for the past seven months.

Conch and lobster recovered off Barkers

Conservation officers recovered dozens of conch and some lobsters that were illegally taken from Cayman waters over the weekend.

Conch, whelk, lobster and game bird seasons close

The Department of Environment is reminding the public that the season for taking conch, whelk, lobster or game birds is now closed.

Lobster season closes

Cayman’s annual three-month lobster season ended Wednesday, Feb. 28. The closed season runs from March 1 to Nov. 30.

Date set for conch trial

A man accused of importing 850 pounds of conch without a valid permit last year pleaded not guilty in Summary Court Tuesday.

Conch shell sculpture shows potential of local materials

Cayman artist Luelan Bodden has aimed to spark controversy in the past with sculptures that challenge religious and cultural norms, but his latest piece is a testament to what can be made just from local material.

Man charged with illegal trade in conch

A man accused of illegally importing 850 pounds of conch appeared in Summary Court Tuesday.

Conch, whelk season opens in Cayman waters

Conch and whelk season opens Nov. 1 in the Cayman Islands. Those interested in fishing these marine gastropods should adhere to legal limits to avoid poaching, the Department of Environment advised.

Conch fritters

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Man jailed for taking too many conch

A man who took too many conch while on bail for taking conch during closed season was jailed on Wednesday for 120 days.

Two arrested for suspected conch poaching

Two West Bay men were arrested on suspicion of marine offenses following a police search in the Barkers area Monday. The Joint Marine Unit was asked to help the DoE in tracking two suspected conch poachers who were spotted in a canoe in the North Side.

Man’s lifelong search for ‘albino’ conch ends; ‘I knew that 53 years of hunting...

Admiring his conch stall, laden with pink shells at the front of his home, West Bay resident Isen Powery, is all smiles. The 61-year-old fisherman’s lifelong dream of finding an “albino,” or white milk conch, has finally come true.

Conch and whelk season opens

The annual conch and whelk season, which opened on Tuesday, Nov. 1, continues until April 30, 2017, according to the Department of Environment. The department advises that only queen conch can be taken. The catch limit is either five conchs per person or 10 per boat (with two or more people), whichever is fewer.

Conch shell stalls a familiar sight in Cayman’s eastern districts

The roadside stands displaying an array of the beautiful shells of the queen conch the Cayman Islands are known for are a familiar sight to motorists passing through the eastern districts. The shells on offer are carefully cleaned and buffed to a shine, providing an attractive memento of a seaside vacation that also offers reminiscences of a time gone by.

Enforcement officers fighting poaching

Environment officials are concerned about an apparent rise in poaching despite new legislation increasing the powers of conservation enforcement officers and providing new legal protection for a variety of species.

Community service for taking marine life illegally

A man who admitted taking marine life illegally was sentenced on Monday to perform one hour of community service for every conch, lobster and fish he was found with last Oct. 9 in the waters off East End.

Changing times for conch business

Increasing competition and tighter supply is making it harder to make a living selling conch shells on the roadside, says West Bay fisherman Isen Powery.

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