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Marl Road host taken to court for harassment

Cayman Marl Road administrator Sandra Teresa Hill appeared before the Summary Court Tuesday to answer charges of harassment.

EDITORIAL – Child sex abuse: Investigating the police investigation

Governor Kilpatrick has spoken with clarity, authority and righteousness. It’s an auspicious beginning to an arduous process of truth-seeking.

EDITORIAL – Arresting development: Cayman’s police deserve our applause

The succession of recent headlines in the Cayman Compass read like a spinning-newspaper montage scene from a black-and-white crime-fighting picture.

EDITORIAL – Animal behavior: Who killed Charm?

The sexual assault and death of a gentle riding horse is one of the most troubling crimes we can recall in the Cayman Islands. It is also a test of the relationship between our community and law enforcement.


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Governor’s Office responds to child abuse editorial

The Child Safeguarding Board was not established in response to any specific case of alleged child sexual abuse.

EDITORIAL – When children are forced to wait for justice

In 2012, a young girl stepped forward with the most serious of allegations – that she had been the victim of sustained sexual abuse. And then, she waited for someone to do something about it … and waited … and waited … and waited.
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Justice Williams requests clarification

The report of court proceedings carried in your newspaper on Thursday, Aug. 11, headlined “Police dispute case delayed,” requires some clarification.

EDITORIAL – Cayman police: To protect and serve (warrants)

A broken system is overloading our police, clogging up our courts, and engendering disrespect in our community for the concept of timely and efficient justice.

Arrest in peace

EDITORIAL – Cayman’s court of first resort

For many residents, Summary Court may be their sole point of contact with Cayman’s judicial system; for others, it’s just the beginning.
Cayman Compass is the Cayman Islands' most trusted news website. We provide you with the latest breaking news from the Cayman Islands, as well as other parts of the Caribbean.

Does Cayman Airways need a new plane?

Comments from CaymanCompass.com readers.

Police use

EDITORIAL – The police need backup from the community

Lack of support for law enforcement jeopardizes the maintenance of law and order in a society.

Crime stats

EDITORIAL – HSBC and Hillary: When the scales of justice are uneven

In any single place, there should be only one set of laws — applied to everyone, fairly and equally.

EDITORIAL – The search for our next police commissioner

We think it’s only fair that applicants for the position of Royal Cayman Islands Police Service commissioner enter the interview process with some understanding of what to expect.

EDITORIAL – The curious case of the ‘$233 arrest’ at the airport

A "soccer mom" visiting the Cayman Islands was arrested and forced to spend the night in police custody ... over a disputed debt of $233. That’s not the sort of tale that supports our “Caymankind" tourism moniker.

Caymanians and crime

The Cayman Islands' crime problem is not a Jamaican problem but one fully Caymanian.

EDITORIAL – Keeping quiet on animal cruelty and crime

The case of “Lennie” (the puppy who lived) and his unnamed companion (who did not) illustrates three important points about the broader nature of crime in the Cayman Islands.

EDITORIAL – Cops vs. crime: Choose a side

In its purest form, the conflict between the police and crime has only two dimensions. We know whose side we’re on — the police. As for the allegiance of our legislators …

EDITORIAL – Cayman standoff: Cops vs. criminals

Sunday morning's showdown near McField Square can be seen as emblematic of the overall situation of crime in the Cayman Islands, with violent criminals on one side, law enforcement authorities on the other, and society vulnerable to the crossfire.

EDITORIAL – Crowd control: Congestion in our courts, prison

If there are two problems for which Royal Cayman Islands Police Commissioner David Baines could be held responsible — it’s clogging up our country’s courtrooms and Her Majesty’s Prison at Northward.

Policing our funds

Problems such as nonworking CCTV and long response times are indications that, when it comes to Cayman police, taxpayers aren't getting value for money.

Time out

Crazy bikers

EDITORIAL – Baines departure: A loss for the Cayman Islands

In a laboratory, there are certain chemicals that, individually, are benign or even beneficial — but, when combined, create nitroglycerine. In the real world, two such substances are politics and policing.

EDITORIAL – The problem with crime in Cayman

The Cayman Islands remains in denial about many issues, including the problem of crime.

Police motorbike

EDITORIAL – Rogue bikers driving the country crazy

Long before you see them, you hear them: Engines gunning, tires squealing, the racket reverberating up and down our streets — the menacing motorbikers of Grand Cayman, personifications of road death and lawlessness.

On ‘joint enterprise’

The recent decision of the U.K. Supreme Court in the cases of Jogee and Ruddock, decided together only days ago, is sending ripples through the legal fraternity and the community as a whole.
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Hold false accusers accountable

False rape allegations are uncommon and are estimated between 2 to 10 percent, but the fact is they happen, and another fact is they can damage the lives and reputations of the falsely accused.

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