Does Cayman Airways need a new plane?

“Cayman Airways seeks another new plane,” July 21

It is nice that we are upgrading our fleet to something that the Wright brothers might not have flown.

But does it make economic sense or is this just a way to make certain politicians look better for the upcoming elections? Hmmm …
J. Bodden


I support a new plane, or new planes.

Why fix an old frock when it is already worn? It will only tear again.

Besides that, money is only enjoyed when spending it.
Twyla Vargas


“Five Cayman athletes ready for Rio,” July 20

Congratulations to all these standouts.

This is a just reward for all their efforts over many years. I wonder, though, why the swimmers were only just notified of their selection, so close to the Games.

In any event, I wish them all the best as it makes the Cayman Islands proud to be represented at the pinnacle of the sporting calendar.
Roger Davies


“The police need backup from the community,” July 19

Absolutely correct.

In every one of the serious crimes that have taken place in the last few years, I have no doubt that the perpetrators are well known to their friends and neighbors.

Yet their crimes are quietly forgotten and no help is given to those who could lock these criminals up. No doubt these are the same people who then attack the police for not doing their job.

I, too, long for the past.

When I could drive into our driveway without needing to scan the bushes for a hidden home invader.

When I could leave our home without setting the burglar alarm.

When we could feel totally safe about using a gas station, ATM or grocery store late at night.

But those days won’t return unless the public decide to give up for justice the criminals in their midst.
Norman Linton

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