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Lobby group launches ‘Rethink Cruise Tourism’ campaign

The recently formed Global Cruise Activist Network has launched a 'Rethink Cruise Tourism' campaign calling for a revamp of the cruise ship industry before sailings resume post COVID.

Cayman joins international cruise activist network

Grassroots groups from several countries, including the Cayman Islands, have joined forces to launch the Global Cruise Activist Network, to demand that the cruise ship industry does not return to 'business as normal' post-COVID-19.

Editorial: Rebuilding our tourism industry

The new realities around travel call for a general shift away from pure volume-based mass tourism, which in Cayman is synonymous with cruise ships, to quality-oriented, high-end tourism.

Cabinet confirms borders closed until at least September

Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell confirmed Thursday that Cayman’s borders will remain officially closed until 1 Sept. as he disclosed that cruise ships will not be allowed to call on local ports until the seaport is reopened.
Cruise ship tourist Kevin Kulich tested negative for coronavirus after being treated for life-threatening internal bleeding at Health City.

‘Lucky to be alive’

A cruise ship passenger who was transported to Health City Cayman Islands for emergency treatment early last week and was one of the four original people who tested negative for coronavirus, said he felt “lucky to be alive” before boarding a plane for the US on Monday.

Cayman cancels cruises ahead of ban

Cayman has turned away three cruise ships one day before a government ban on the cruises was set to take effect to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
US citizens have been warned not to travel on cruise ships in a move that could have a huge knock-on effect on the tourism industry.

US travel warning sparks fears of cruise decline

US citizens have been warned not to travel on cruise ships in a move that could have a huge knock-on effect on the tourism industry.

Caribbean Princess cancels Cayman call, offloads 2 sick passengers

The Caribbean Princess cruise ship cancelled its call to Grand Cayman on Monday amid coronavirus concerns, after offloading two critically ill passengers who were then airlifted from Cayman to Florida. 

Port Authority: Protocols are being followed

Cayman’s port leaders have issued assurances that, amid the global coronavirus outbreak, all health protocols are being followed, especially when it comes to cruise and cargo ships touching local shores. The announcement comes as Cayman is set to receive 31 ships – 24 cruise and seven cargo – this week.
Cruise lines are struggling to protect the health of both passengers and their businesses from the spread of coronavirus infections

Cruise lines in turmoil over coronavirus

The outbreak of the coronavirus has caused a perfect storm for the cruise industry.

Letter: Cruise berthing facility will have negative impact

With traffic in George Town already at a standstill, and tourist attractions such as Stingray City becoming dangerously overcrowded, accommodating these additional 800,000 cruise passengers on an annual basis could have an extensive negative impact on the island.

Nearly 20,000 cruise tourists pack George Town

The streets of George Town were thronged with tourists Wednesday as six visiting cruise ships disgorged nearly 20,000 passengers in Grand Cayman’s capital.

Amid hurricane devastation, tourists divert to Cayman

In normal circumstances, an influx of 250,000 additional tourists would be cause for celebration. But Grand Cayman’s windfall comes at a cost to its Caribbean neighbors.

Seven cruise ships bring 24,000 tourists

Grand Cayman saw a huge influx of tourists on Wednesday as seven cruise ships arrived in port.

Civil service reform: ‘Seeing is believing’

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Weather keeps 54,000 cruise passengers away

Poor weather conditions in January and February caused Cayman to miss out on nearly 54,000 cruise ship passengers, and as a result, millions of dollars in...

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