The streets of George Town were thronged with tourists Wednesday as six visiting cruise ships disgorged nearly 20,000 passengers in Grand Cayman’s capital.

It was one of the busiest days of the year on the waterfront with shops doing a roaring trade as the town felt the impact of the influx of tourists.

Neighborhood police officers were out in force directing traffic and assisting tourists and pedestrians in the town.

In total, 19,722 passengers arrived in port Wednesday – equivalent to around a third of Cayman’s resident population.

The surge in arrivals follows hurricanes in the eastern Caribbean that have devastated tourism infrastructure in popular ports. At least 70 ships will be diverted to the Cayman Islands through to the end of April, bringing close to 250,000 extra passengers to the island.

In port on Wednesday were the 4,100-passenger Norwegian Epic, the 3,600-passenger Carnival Vista and the 4,400-passenger Liberty of the Seas. Celebrity Reflection brought 3,046 passengers, Marella Discovery II had 2,076 on board and the Norwegian Pearl brought another 2,500.


  1. One can now see that 20,000 people do not impact traffic on Harbour drive with traffic police. People crossed the street at crosswalks because police were present. So jaywalking was not observed or corrected by police. Screaming and yelling at tourists should also be stopped (looks the third world).

  2. People can now accept that WE CAN handle large influx or tourists coming to our shores and that more is needed. We just need to build a proper facility for cruise lines who bring the creme de la creme who will have the social standing to purchase products and services. We need to be selective, why bring in ships whose guests simply clutter up the island and won’t buy a postage stamp or a patty. We can’t bring or allow people who have no money to spend in large numbers. That said, remember the windfall of this season goes down to one ship days in the offseason. Every week more people need work where offers to pay are lower than the cost of living wages. As we saw people are LINED up to work cleaning bush for $10 per hour. So it’s not that people are lazy its that people want a cost of living payment for services.

  3. This just shows that we don’t need a cruise ship dock with tunnels leading to all major stores . What Cayman need is a guarantee that these ships will continue to come after the other Caribbean Islands are back up and running . Do we see that the Cruise Lines don’t care if there’s a dock , all they need are DESTINATIONS .

    I said before why didn’t Government take advantage of this situation when the other were devastated by hurricanes and renegotiated a new contract for these cruise ships to be able to come to Cayman.
    I believe that after these other Caribbean Islands are back up and running the Cayman Islands are going to be begging the cruise ships to come back to Cayman . I hate to be so negatively right .
    A new contract would be more beneficial for Cayman than a dock .

  4. I understand the situation in wanting the cruise ships visitors . But how are we protecting our borders from guns and drugs and people we might not want on the Island ? How do Immigration and Custom know that everyone has gotten back on these ships ? How do they know that some of these people aren’t bringing in guns and drugs ?
    I wonder why Government has’nt ever thought about these issues . It seems Government isn’t concerned about the issues.

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