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911 operator lauded for lifesaving efforts

During her 17 years at the Department of Public Safety Communications, Chelsea Blake has handled various roles, but her recent efforts to talk an injured man through driving himself to the hospital, earned her unprecedented judicial praise.

Cuban migrants returned to Grand Cayman

The Department of Public Safety Communications has confirmed that a number of Cuban nationals being monitored through wearable tracking technology have been "unaccounted for" since Sunday night.

CCTV upgrades near completion

Financial Services and Home Affairs Minister Tara Rivers said upgrades to Cayman’s CCTV network are almost finished.

Shortage of electronic ankle monitors taxes courts

A shortage of electronic monitors risks causing more suspects to be held in custody as they await trial, putting additional pressure on Cayman’s overcrowded prison system, defense lawyers have warned.

Public safety radio equipment on the way

The Cayman Islands is scheduled to take delivery this week of a new communication system for future disaster-related emergencies.

911 operator commended for saving a life

A 911 dispatcher last week received a commendation for talking a caller through giving CPR to a family member who was not breathing.

Police: No early 911 call on missing boaters

Police and emergency call center officials have refuted claims from relatives of five people missing at sea that a 911 call was made to report the incident several hours earlier than has officially been acknowledged.

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