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Ombudsman recommends disciplining officer over dirt-bike chase

The Ombudsman has recommended that Commissioner of Police Derek Byrne consider disciplining one of his officers for using a baton to strike a dirt biker who had led police on a 72-minute chase in the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Man charged for breaching curfew during dirt-bike pursuit

A 23-year-old Bodden Town man has been charged for breaking curfew and a several road offences.

UPDATED: Police chase, arrest dirt-bike rider

A dirt-bike chase ended Saturday afternoon with police taking the rider into custody.

Police seize six bikes during holiday crackdown

Four dirt bikes and two motorbikes were seized by police during traffic operations on Tuesday around Grand Cayman, and two motorcyclists who ran from a roadblock in West Bay were arrested.

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‘Completely out of control’: Motorcycle ‘chaos’ reported to police

Dozens of riders thundering down Cayman roads Sunday afternoon on motorcycles, dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles prompted several calls from the public to police.

EDITORIAL – We’ve had it with dirtbags on dirt bikes

When we see gangs of bikers terrorizing Cayman’s streets with their law-breaking antics, we see criminals. We wonder what our politicians see … perhaps voters?

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Police urge ban on illegal bike imports

Police officers who say they are being swamped with calls on nearly a daily basis about illegally operated motorbikes are urging lawmakers to adopt a ban on the importation of such vehicles which cannot be registered for on-road use.

Seized dirt bikes stolen from police station

Five illegal dirt bikes confiscated during police operations earlier this year were stolen from the rear yard of the George Town Police Station sometime over the weekend, police reported Tuesday, following questions about the theft from local news outlets.

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