Police seize six bikes during holiday crackdown

Motorcycles and dirt bikes at the George Town police station.

Charles Duncan

Four dirt bikes and two motorbikes were seized by police during traffic operations on Tuesday around Grand Cayman, and two motorcyclists who ran from a roadblock in West Bay were arrested.

Riders on unlicensed dirt bikes and motorbikes have been a common sight on Grand Cayman’s roads, often riding in groups, doing “wheelies” and weaving through traffic.

Police Commissioner Derek Byrne said in a press statement, “The island has had enough of the nuisance and danger of these illegal bikes, and we are bringing order to this situation in as safe a manner as possible.

“Those who flaunt the law and evade police only make matters worse for themselves and can expect to be arrested.”

Two incidents, both at about 8:20 p.m. at a checkpoint at the Yacht Club roundabout in West Bay, led to arrests. One rider on an orange unregistered motorbike did not stop for officers at a checkpoint, according to police. Officers chased the rider who, according to the press release, was traveling “at high speed.” The man, 31, abandoned the bike at the Island Heritage roundabout and ran. Officers quickly caught up with him, charging him with dangerous driving and driving while not qualified. They also seized the motorbike.

Police also followed a dirt bike rider who refused to stop at the checkpoint. The 20-year-old man did not pull over until he reached his home in West Bay. Police seized the bike and arrested the man for dangerous driving.

Police say they seized three other dirt bikes and one modified motorbike during other traffic operations around the island Tuesday.

Earlier this month, police arrested another dirt bike rider for reckless driving and other charges.

Mr. Byrne said in an interview with the Cayman Compass last month that cracking down on illegal dirt bikes would be a top priority for the police service.

“It’s going to cause a fatality, either for someone on the motorcycle themselves and cause distress to families, or it’s going to cause a fatality with an innocent driver or a pedestrian with people behaving that way on the road,” he said

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