Since opening two-and-a-half years ago, Health City Cayman Islands has completed 500 orthopedic surgeries.

Dr. Alwin Almeida, Health City’s chief orthopedic surgeon and joint replacement specialist said, “We are proud to have achieved this milestone in such a short period and look forward to embracing new technologies which have completely changed the way surgeries are performed.”

He said Health City’s Department of Orthopedics provides surgical and non-surgical treatments, including joint replacements and reconstruction, deformity corrections and arthroscopic surgeries of the knee and shoulder which are minimally invasive.

Health City also employs some of the latest advancements in medical technology, such as computer-navigated robotic-assisted surgery, he noted.

Dr. Almeida, a member of the American Orthopedic Association, has performed more than 4,000 orthopedic surgeries in his career, according to a press release from the hospital.

He works with Dr. Niranjan Nagaraja, Health City’s senior orthopedic surgeon, who joined the hospital this year and who started the hip arthroscopy program at Health City.

While many of the surgeries and procedures have been routine, there were some more challenging cases, including a revision hip replacement for a patient with excessive bone growth in the muscles surrounding his hip and two cases of people who were in car accidents and had multiple bone fractures.

Dr. Almeida also recalled the case of a 90-year-old woman with pneumonia and atrial fibrillation who suffered a hip fracture. “It was a very high-risk surgery,” he said in the press release.

The patient, who was transported to Health City by air ambulance, was the second orthopedic trauma case from Turks and Caicos. “Traditionally, the Caribbean is known to airlift these patients to the U.S. or Colombia, but we are now getting these cases to Cayman, which is a major shift in practice,” said Dr. Almeida.

The hospital regularly sees patients from throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and North America.


  1. Extravagant projections for health tourism were touted prior to locating in Cayman in order to obtain a host of tax and other concessions even including changes to our health laws. How do these projections compare to current reality?.

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