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Rivers not running for re-election

Financial Services and Home Affairs Minister Tara Rivers, the representative of West Bay South, has announced that she will not be seeking another term in the April general election.

Rivers announces she won’t run in upcoming election

Financial Services and Home Affairs Minister Tara Rivers, the representative of West Bay South, has announced that she does not intend to run for office in the April general election.

Poll: Who are you looking to support in the election?

Will you be supporting an establishment candidate, or are you looking to vote in a fresh face in the upcoming Cayman Islands election?

A first look at Cayman’s aspiring election contenders

With the 1 March Nomination Day drawing closer, incumbent Members of Parliament and their would-be challengers have hit the ground running.

Election writs issued

Governor Martyn Roper has issued updated election writs to the 19 returning officers who will be charged with conducting Cayman's general election on 14 April.

Human Rights Commission: No parliamentary code of conduct leaves Cayman ‘behind’

The failure of Cayman Islands' lawmakers to enact a parliamentary code of conduct leaves the jurisdiction "behind compared to other Caribbean and Commonwealth nations", according to the chairman of the Human Rights Commission. 

Protest at Government House over early election call

Protesters gathered outside Government House (the Governor's residence) on West Bay Road to demonstrate against the dissolution of Parliament which has resulted in early elections, and to call for political accountability.

16 first-time voters to miss out on casting ballots on 14 April

The calling of early elections has left 16 first-time voters disenfranchised as they will miss out their chance to vote in the 14 April general elections, the Elections Office has confirmed.

Election race begins: What happens next?

In this explainer, we look at how this unfolded and what happens next as Cayman votes in 2021.

Quarantined electors may miss out on voting

Come election day, people who remain isolated as part of mandatory COVID quarantine protocols may not be able to cast their votes if the Elections Office and the Public Health Department are unable to come up with a solution.

Community reacts to early election call

The Cayman Compass set out to get the community’s reaction to the new 14 April election date. Participants were asked what they thought about the general election being moved up from 26 May to 14 April, the following are their responses.

Candidates must abide by campaign finance laws

The Elections Law contains limited provisions for the funding of political campaigns.

Early elections triggered, Cayman votes on 14 April

Cayman will be heading to the polls on 14 April, one month earlier than previously planned.

Poll: Do you support the early election call?

Cayman will be heading to the polls six weeks earlier than initially planned. Governor Martyn Roper, following consultation with Premier Alden McLaughlin, has announced the decision...

Schedule of dates for general election

2021 General Elections Programme for the Cayman Islands, including dates on the dissolution of assembly, nominations day and elections day.

Howell: Elections Law changes ‘administrative’

With four months to go before the May polls, the Elections Act 2021 has been published, with Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell stressing that the legislation does not contain any policy changes or modifications.

McTaggart welcomes premier’s endorsement

Finance Minister and George Town East MLA Roy McTaggart has said he was taken by surprise when Premier Alden McLaughlin announced this week that he was endorsing him as the next leader of the Progressives party.

Howell: Elections Office gears up for 2021 polls

Although the 2021 general election is almost a year away, elections officials are already figuring out how voting will take place if the COVID-19...

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