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Candidates for Prospect Sabrina Turner and Michael Myles

Crosstalk debate: Prospect candidates face off

Candidates for Prospect Michael Myles and Sabrina Turner join Crosstalk host Barrie Quappe to debate the issues affecting their district.

Howell: ‘A number of election complaints’ sent to police

Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell has confirmed his office has forwarded a number of complaints of election offences to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service for investigation.
Sammy Jackson

Crosstalk debate: Red Bay

Candidate for Red Bay Sammy Jackson joins Crosstalk host Barrie Quappe to discuss the issues he is campaigning for in his district.

Candidates and voters urged: ‘Report instances of vote buying’

While campaigns ramp up efforts to attract voters, the Elections Office and police are urging caution regarding candidates’ claims while canvassing for support. The warning comes as accusations of vote buying have circulated unverified in the community.
Compass news editor Caroline James and panel Tammi Sulliman and Richard Barton

Debate review forum talks traffic, COVID-19 and politics

Compass news editor Caroline James and panel Tammi Sulliman and Richard Barton discuss this week's debates and election happenings.

Domestic election observers appointed

Nine residents have been appointed to serve as domestic election observers in the 2021 General Election, Governor Martyn Roper announced Monday.
Roy McTaggart Crosstalk debate

Progressives leader rules out Cabinet role for Bush

Progressives leader Roy McTaggart said Monday there would be no place for McKeeva Bush in his Cabinet if he becomes Premier after the election on April 14.
Candidates for George Town East

Crosstalk debate: George Town East candidates face off

Candidates for George Town East, Roy McTaggart, Emily DeCou, Frank McField, Christina Hislop Rowlandson, and Richard Bernard join Crosstalk host Barrie Quappe to debate the issues affecting their district.

Postal and mobile voting update from Elections Supervisor

With first round of mobile voting in 2021 General Election complete, turnout for early voting has so far been encouraging, according to Supervisor of Elections, Wesley Howell.

Vaccination programme, border reopening high on Progressives alliance manifesto

With 16 days left to the 14 April general election, the Progressives-led alliance unveiled its manifesto outlining why it should it be returned to...
Alric Lindsay

Crosstalk debate: George Town South

Candidate for George Town South Alric Lindsay joins Crosstalk host Barrie Quappe to discuss the issues he is campaigning on for his district.

Over 300 people cast ballots using mobile voting

While 14 April is coming up quickly, more than 300 people have already had their say in the general election this week as they cast their ballots using the Elections Office mobile voting.

Voter Voices: Jobs, speeding top concerns in West Bay

While boundary lines may separate the four constituencies that make up the district of West Bay, residents are united when it comes to the challenges impacting their communities.
Candidate for George Town West Ellio Solomon

Crosstalk debate: George Town West

Candidate for George Town West Ellio Solomon joins Crosstalk host Barrie Quappe to discuss the issues he is campaigning on for his district.
Vote Cayman panel Tammi Sulliman, Paul Byles and Richard Barton

Vote Cayman panel talks insurance, education and election theatrics

Compass journalist Reshma Ragoonath and panel Tammi Sulliman, Paul Byles and Richard Barton take a closer look at insurance, education and election theatrics.
George Town Central candidate Kenneth Bryan

Crosstalk debate: George Town Central

George Town Central candidate Kenneth Bryan joins Crosstalk host Barrie Quappe to discuss the issues affecting his district.
George Town North candidates Johann Moxam and Joey Hew

Crosstalk debate: George Town North candidates face off

Crosstalk District Debate: George Town North candidates Joey Hew and Johann Moxam join host Barrie Quappe to discuss the issues facing their district.

Mobile voting starts this week

Starting Monday, Elections Office staff will be heading out to Cayman's 19 constituencies to kick off mobile voting.

Closed care home sore point in East End, North Side

It may be almost two years since Sunrise Cottage closed its doors in East End, but the absence of the residential facility for senior citizens is still being felt in the constituencies of East End and North Side.

Nicholson-Coe and Ebanks face off during Crosstalk district debate

West Bay South candidates Raul Nicholson-Coe and André Ebanks squared up on Wednesday's eighth Cayman Crosstalk district debate. Nicholson-Coe and Ebanks are both independent candidates...

Premier’s Red Bay road access announcement refuted

Davenport Development has refuted Premier Alden McLaughlin's statement announcing an agreement had been reached for a local access road. But McLaughlin says, "I simply reported what I understood".

50 apply for domestic election observer spots

A total of 50 people have, so far, applied to be domestic election observers for the 14 April general elections, Governor Martyn Roper has...

Bernie Bush walks out of Crosstalk debate

A Cayman Crosstalk district debate was momentarily derailed on Tuesday as West Bay North incumbent Bernie Bush refused to participate in the discussion after...

26 May removed as holiday

May 26 has been officially removed as a public holiday, Government Information Services has confirmed.

Premier: New local access road to relieve Red Bay traffic woes

Premier Alden McLaughlin has said agreement has been reached with Grand Harbour and Davenport Development for a local access road for the Red Bay and Prospect communities to ease traffic woes in the area.

Crosstalk debate: West Bay North candidates face off

West Bay North candidates Bernie Bush and Rolston Anglin join Crosstalk host Barrie Quappe to discuss the issues affecting their district.

Election retrospective: New faces, familiar issues

In the run-up to almost every Cayman Islands general election over the past 30 years, the same issues of immigration, education and training, development and cost-of-living have dominated the debate.
Paul Byles, Tammi Sulliman and Richard Barton discuss the election so far.

Debate review forum talks education, traffic and party politics

Compass news editor Caroline James and panel including Tammi Sulliman, Paul Byles and Richard Barton as they discuss this week's debates and announcements.

Police gear up for election season

As Cayman's election season gets into its stride, in run-up to the 14 April, a team of police investigators are on hand in case their services are required.

Alva Suckoo formally joins Progressives alliance

Independent candidate Alva Suckoo has joined the Progressives alliance team, bringing to 12 the number of nominees running as part of the group in the 14 April general election.

Election 101: your guide to the 14 April vote

Cayman voters will be heading to the polls on 14 April to choose a candidate to be their representative in Parliament. Here, the Compass breaks down some of the most frequently asked questions about the local electoral process.

Crosstalk debate: West Bay Central

West Bay Central candidate Katherine Ebanks-Wilks joins Crosstalk host Barrie Quappe to discus the issues she is campaigning for in her district.

The Resh Hour with Roy Bodden

Historian and political analyst Roy Bodden joins us to discuss the run-up to the 14 April elections, the future of party politics, and the female influence in politics.

McLean, Frederick say no to working with Speaker Bush

East End incumbent Arden McLean and challenger McCleary Frederick say, if elected, they will not join forces with McKeeva Bush to form a coalition government.

Domestic election watchers sought as COVID-19 blocks international observers

Governor Martyn Roper confirmed Tuesday that there will be no international election observers coming to Cayman to oversee the 2021 general elections.

Two decades of ideas under the microscope

Over the past two decades, Cayman’s legislators have dedicated countless days of debate to discuss proposals put forward by backbenchers or opposition members.

Editorial: Candidates step forward but choices far from clear

Cayman knows who the candidates will be at the general election. But the choice facing voters is far from clear.

Three vote as postal ballots issued

Three individuals became the first to vote in the 14 April general election through postal ballots issued Monday by the Elections Office.

Vote Cayman debate forum analyses the race so far

Editor-in-chief Kevin Morales, Tammi Sulliman and Paul Byles review the week's political debates, and offer insight analysis leading up to the 14 April elections.

Cayman Brac, Little Cayman each feature two-candidate battles

Sitting MPs Moses Kirkconnell and Juliana O'Connor-Connolly are both facing off against one opponent each, as they fight to secure re-election to represent Cayman Brac West and Little Cayman and Cayman Brac East, respectively.

Poll: What is the most pressing environment concern?

What is the most pressing environmental issue in the Cayman Islands you would like to see candidates address if elected?

North Side candidates divided on working with McKeeva Bush

Candidates vying for the North Side constituency provided mixed views about whether they would work with West Bay West MP McKeeva Bush if he is re-elected to Parliament.

26 May public holiday in limbo

Cabinet has not yet made a decision on whether 26 May will remain a public holiday, Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell has said.

Crosstalk debate: North Side candidates face off

Candidates for North Side Ezzard Miller, Johany Ebanks, Justin Ebanks and Debra Broderick join host Barrie Quappe to debate the issues affecting their district.

COVID-19 impacts election observers

Local and international COVID-19 health protocols are posing a challenge for the Elections Office’s bid to have independent observers on island to oversee the 14 April polls, Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell has said.

Fewer female candidates on 2021 ballot

Cayman is fielding 11 female candidates in the upcoming election, representing just over one-fifth of the total number of contenders, with fewer women running compared to 2017.

McLaughlin announces 11 alliance candidates

Premier Alden McLaughlin on Thursday night announced the official line-up of the alliance that is running with the Progressives party in the 14 April general election.

Crosstalk debate: Cayman Brac East

Candidate for Cayman Brac East Elvis McKeever joins Crosstalk host Barrie Quappe for the district debate.

All candidates cleared for election race

The 50 candidates vying for a seat in the House of Parliament have been cleared for the election race, the Election Office has confirmed.

Traffic, employment top GT voters’ issues

In the run-up to the polls, the Cayman Compass will be checking in with constituents across the islands in this special ‘Voter Voices’ series to hear what issues are uppermost in their minds when it comes to deciding who they want for their Member of Parliament.

Quarantining voters get green light

Quarantining voters will be allowed to cast their ballots in the general election using mobile or postal voting, Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell has confirmed.

The Resh Hour with Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell

The Resh Hour with Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell as preparations for the 14 April general elections are officially underway.

McLaughlin ready to hand over reins, eyes financial services as next post

As the clock winds down on his time at the helm of the Progressives, Premier Alden McLaughlin has signalled that he wants to tackle the financial services and international trade portfolios should the party lead the next government.

Sights and sounds of Nomination Day

Monday, 1 March 2021 was another historic day for Cayman Islands democracy as candidates filed their nomination paperwork to become eligible to run for...

Miller targets premiership as three independents vie for NS seat

Incumbent North Side MP Ezzard Miller has told the Compass he has Cayman's top job in his sights.

West Bay alliance trio take to stage

Just hours after nominations for the 2021 general election closed, three of the West Bay candidates were on a stage outlining their plans and manifestos.

Candidate Kenrick Webster’s election poster defaced

Vandals have defaced one of George Town West candidate Kenrick Webster's election posters.

Cost of living, development top issues for candidates in East End

On Nomination Day, the three East End candidates in the upcoming election shared the main topics that will dominate their campaigns.

Progressives-led coalition squares off with independents in GT

Battle lines were drawn Monday as Nomination Day kicked off as Premier Alden McLaughlin and leader-in-waiting Roy McTaggart rallied the Progressives candidates in George Town.

Head-to-head race confirmed for Bodden Town East

Though they are scheduled to face off in the 2021 election, Osbourne 'Ossie' Bodden and Dwayne 'John John' Seymour embraced as they crossed paths during Nomination Day on Monday afternoon.

Independents dominate the field as 50 hopefuls seek election

The 2021 election campaign is officially under way with 50 candidates confirming their intention to run on a hectic Nomination Day.

No parties, only independents and alliances running in West Bay

The Cayman Democratic Party, which was formerly known as the United Democratic Party, is not making an appearance in this year’s general election.

Spate of public meetings signal start of campaign season

As Nomination Day wraps up and the confirmed list of candidates contesting the 14 April general election is formally drawn up, it's open season on electioneering.

How Nomination Day played out: interviews and videos from Monday

Live coverage of nomination day for the 2021 election in Cayman, as candidates file nomination forms with officials in their districts.

Poll: What infrastructure project should be prioritised?

New cargo port? More schools? Roads? What capital infrastructure projects should the new government prioritise?

Nomination Day kicks off election campaign season

All aspiring candidates, who are considering running for office, must file nomination forms with election officials in their respective districts on Monday, 1 March.

Elections Office ‘optimistic’ quarantined electors can vote

The Elections Office released a statement Friday saying it will be able to find a way for those in isolation to safely cast their ballots in the 14 April general election.

Former head of Cayman’s UK office to run in West Bay South

André Ebanks, who until recently was the Cayman Islands representative to the UK and Europe, has officially declared he intends to run for office as an independent for West Bay South.

Negotiations on coalition campaign under way

With just days to go until 1 March, Nomination Day, negotiations are already under way to create a Progressives-led coalition campaign.

Independent Mario Ebanks takes on McKeeva Bush in West Bay

Mario Ebanks, a former member of the Progressives party who is running as an independent, has announced his intention to challenge incumbent McKeeva Bush in the West Bay West constituency.

HRC: No justification to disenfranchise quarantining voters

The Human Rights Commission has raised objection to quarantining voters missing out on casting their ballot during the 14 April general election.

Progressives court independent candidate to oust McLean

East End hopeful Isaac Rankine denied today that he has joined the Progressives, following speculation on social media.

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