Though they are scheduled to face off in the 2021 election, Osbourne ‘Ossie’ Bodden and Dwayne ‘John John’ Seymour embraced as they crossed paths during Nomination Day outside the Webster Memorial United Church Hall Monday afternoon.

The brief show of camaraderie came after Seymour had signed his nomination form to declare his candidacy in Bodden Town East for the 14 April general election.

“It is a great day and I am thankful that people were able to nominate me in the fashion that they did, coming out big and supporting me,” Seymour told the Cayman Compass. “This is a continuation of the good work that I’ve been doing and I feel good about my chances in being re-elected.”

In the 2017 election, Seymour defeated hopefuls Robert Bodden, Arnold Berry and Osbourne Bodden, and is looking for a repeat performance this time around.

Several officials and members of the public turned out in support of Dwayne Seymour Monday afternoon to witness him signing his nomination form for the 2021 Cayman Islands general election. – Photos: Seaford Russell Jr.

“They are trying hard to beat down the successes that we have made,” said Seymour. “Things that I’ve been able to achieve for Bodden Town East, like none other, the way that I listen to my constituents and try to carry out the works and wishes.”

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Former minister of community affairs, youth and sports, Osbourne Bodden was next up to solidify his place in the 2021 election.

“What has me back here now is the need to be on a pro-Cayman platform and I make no excuses about that,” he told the Compass. “It has nothing to do with not liking foreigners or being anti-foreigner, far be it. But it’s time we stand up for Cayman and Caymanians.

“We are boasting [about] our economy, we are boasting [about] our million dollar condos, we are boasting [about] all sorts of projects and right now you see all the roadworks that are being done and I’m not sure where all of it was within the last three years.”

An emotional Osbourne Bodden thanks his supporters for their continuous support after declaring his place in the upcoming election.

Bodden went on to say that he will campaign for the less fortunate within the islands, stating he believes they have been forgotten over the last four years.

“We have people that are hurting, people that are starving in some cases, people that are homeless, people without jobs, people without insurance and I am meeting these people on a daily basis, so no one can tell me that it isn’t true,” he said.

“To me, we have a glorious picture on the outside but we have a cancer within and I am here to try and arrest that cancer and work with my colleagues, hopefully with people of like mind.”


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