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Parliament approves more funding to address storm damage

Members of Parliament on Wednesday approved additional government funding to help homeowners and farmers impacted by Tropical Storm Grace.

Poll: MP Salary Increase

Members of the Finance Committee have approved spending relating to salary increases for MPs, which was initially introduced by the Progressives government's Cabinet in February this year. Do you agree with the decision?

Finance Committee approves pay increases for MPs

Members of Parliament have voted to increase their salaries and constituency allowances, which were originally approved by the Cabinet of the Progressives government earlier this year, at a meeting of the Finance Committee on Monday.
Evelyn McLaughlin’s prize cow Princess and her calf will be entered in the upcoming Agriculture Show cattle competition in February. – Photos: Jewel Levy

Farmers’ grants stopped in May, programme under review

Parliament’s Finance Committee has approved $500,000 extra funding to pay retroactively for a farmers’ grant programme that was discontinued in May.

Finance Committee approves extra $27.5 million to continue tourism stipend

Parliament’s Finance Committee has approved $27.5 million in additional funds to continue the payment of a stipend to displaced tourism workers until the end of the year.

Anti-gang committee set up

Authorities have set up a committee to address gang violence in the Cayman Islands, Commissioner of Police Derek Byrne told Members of Parliament Monday.

Healthcare, judicial costs require additional government funding

Government’s decision to pay full health insurance premiums to CINICO has resulted in the need for additional funds for the budget years 2018 and 2019.

Cayman’s record budget gets go ahead

Government's more than $1.5 billion budget, the largest ever for the Cayman Islands, gets the go ahead.

Final cost pending for John Gray High School project

The final projected cost for the John Gray High School project is still pending as negotiations are still in progress, Education officials have said.

Lawmakers flag absence of acute services in $15m facility

Legislators flag the absence of acute services in the $15 million long-term residential mental health facility project.

Concerns over rising work permit numbers

As many as 10,000 new work permits could be granted within the next year, according to Cayman's leaders. Immigration officials expect the number of permits...

Coast Guard staffing to get boost

Government will be moving to increase personnel assigned to the Cayman Islands Coast Guard in the new year. Police Commissioner Derek Byrne, speaking in Finance...

Number of vehicles continues to rise

Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure officials said they may require some 20,000 more licences next year, which could lead to a total of 45,000 licensed vehicles on Cayman’s roads by the end of 2020.

No road closures granted yet for carnivals

Police Commissioner Derek Byrne has said he is yet to give road closure permission to Batabano and CayMAS.

Premier: Port referendum “uncertain”

Premier Alden McLaughlin has said the 19 Dec. referendum is now uncertain given the legal action taken by the National Trust.

116 work permit probes to date

More than $289,475 in administrative immigration fees have been levied for 116 work permit offences for 2019 to date.

Gov’t shelves public broadcasting TV plans

Government is no longer considering the transition of Government Information Services TV (CIGTV) to a public broadcasting station.

Airport cost overruns come under fire

Legislators question cost overruns in airport expansion project.

US$261m bullet bond to be paid off Friday

Government will pay off its US $261 million bullet bond Friday.

Finance Committee’s scrutiny of $1.5 billion budget starts Wednesday

Lawmakers will begin delving into government’s $1.5 billion budget line by line on Wednesday after the fiscal package got the greenlight in the Legislative Assembly Monday night.

Harris: Cayman has more cars than people

Residents of Grand Cayman can expect much longer traffic delays and even greater road congestion if government does not act quickly, warned Prospect legislator Austin Harris, speaking Thursday before the Legislative Assembly.

Legislators approve $92 million in additional spending for 2019

Government will spend roughly an additional $92 million this year after lawmakers approved a raft of extra expenditures during three days of Finance Committee hearings that started Friday and wrapped up Tuesday.

Legislators question delays in CCTV system upgrade

Questions have been raised over the slow pace of Cayman’s planned CCTV upgrade. So far, less than 25% of the cameras have been switched for higher definition, higher resolution models – around two years after money was allocated for the project.

Iguanas, healthcare costs take toll on budget

Government has voted new funding of $1.9 million for a massive, islandwide iguana cull and $6.5 million to help cover the healthcare costs of uninsured patients.

More money provided for poor relief

The Cayman Islands government is plugging an additional $2 million into the poor relief budget this year, fearing the current funding provided for some of the public welfare efforts will run out by next month if more money is not provided.
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Civil service considering a clampdown on ‘job hopping’

The Cayman Islands government is reviewing employment rules for non-Caymanian workers that often do not strictly prevent those employees from switching jobs in the midst of a contract.

Premier: Businesses’ use of temporary work permits ‘not objectionable’

A long-established, although perhaps unspoken practice, of Cayman businesses which employ foreign workers that allows the companies to “test out” employees before bringing them in on full work permits has been green-lighted by Premier Alden McLaughlin.

900 arrested for immigration offenses

More than 900 arrests have been made since July for various immigration violations related to staying or working illegally in the Cayman Islands, Immigration Department officials confirmed Tuesday.

Government hit with $24 million in unexpected added costs

The Cayman Islands government was required to spend an extra $24 million in largely unanticipated, supplementary costs over the past two fiscal years.The expenses were detailed by Finance Minister Marco Archer in a statement to the Legislative Assembly Friday.

Cayman Airways climbing out of $50 million debt

Once saddled with burgeoning “historical debts” of around $50 million, it appears Cayman’s national airline may finally be climbing out of a debt spiral that had threatened its operations in 2009/10.

31 civil servants on paid leave

Thirty-one Cayman Islands civil servants are on suspension with pay over various issues, including criminal allegations, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson confirmed Wednesday.

$6 million allotted for land conservation

The National Conservation Council has welcomed the allocation of $6 million from the Environmental Protection Fund to buy up land to create protected areas.

$13 million for seamen, veterans healthcare

The Cayman Islands government has budgeted to spend more than $13 million a year to cover 1,075 retired seamen, former veterans and their widows, according budget records.

CINICO reports home care ‘fraud’ to police

The Cayman Islands National Insurance Company has reported a case of suspected fraud in its home healthcare program to police after a patient who was supposed to be receiving the care said that had not happened.

Government gives IMF center US$520,000

A US$525,000 payment in the upcoming budget to a technical assistance organization managed by the International Monetary Fund raised some eyebrows during Tuesday’s meeting of the Legislative Assembly’s Finance Committee.

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