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Blue iguanas: Back from the brink but still under threat

The Blue Iguana Conservation organisation has launched a five-year 'Strategic Species Action Plan' to help conserve Grand Cayman’s most iconic reptile species, which it...

Cayman holds first International Blue Iguana Day

Fred Burton, the man responsible for bringing Cayman’s blue iguanas back from the verge of extinction, was honoured Saturday at the first annual International Blue Iguana Day.

Green iguana cull crosses 54k mark

Cullers have turned in 54,508 green iguanas since the start of this year.

Trespass concerns remain as iguana cull begins

Those behind the 2020 green iguana cull say they will be going into communities to seek permission from homeowners to help reduce complaints of trespass.

1 million green iguanas culled

The green iguana culling mission hit a landmark on Thursday when the one millionth of the invasive species was deposited at the George Town landfill.

The culling fields

Nearly a year’s worth of iguana culling has yielded “spectacular” results, according to officials at the Department of Environment, but that doesn’t mean the battle is over.

Six-month amnesty for parrot owners

If something is not done, Fred Burton says, the Cayman parrot may cease to be.

Second population of rare flower being protected

The discovery of a second population of a rare flower found only in Grand Cayman has altered plans for a residential development in order to protect the species.

115 new hunters sign up to aid cull

With the invasive lizards becoming harder to find as numbers dwindle, the Department of Environment put out an appeal to recruit new cullers, resulting in 115 additional people becoming licensed.

Heat-sensing cameras used to search for iguanas

The Department of Environment experimented with the technology when a team of visiting scientists came to Grand Cayman last year. Thermal imaging cameras have been used for some time to spot birds and mammals, but it was not known if the technology could work on cold-blooded reptiles.

Hundreds sign up for green iguana cull

Almost 350 people registered to take part in Grand Cayman’s islandwide green iguana cull.

Green iguana population keeps growing

With Cayman on the brink of embarking on a nationwide green iguana cull, the population of the invasive species continues to creep upward.

EDITORIAL – Iguana eradication: Funding the war Cayman must win

It is important that the Department of Environment proceed with openness and transparency on this issue going forward. There is no conceivable need – or excuse – for secrecy or privacy.

DoE ready to launch $9 million iguana cull

The Department of Environment is seeking a contractor to manage a full-scale, multi-year cull of green iguanas that aims to remove 1.4 million of the invasive lizards from Grand Cayman by the end of next year.

EDITORIAL – In the ‘Lizard Lotto,’ we’re putting our money on the lizards

One lesson about wars: Don’t declare them if you do not intend to win them.

No solution in sight for iguana control

It will take a dedicated commitment of money and resources to control or eradicate Cayman’s green iguana population, according to Department of Environment experts.

Cayman’s green iguana population tops 1 million

There are now more than a million invasive green iguanas on Grand Cayman, with culling efforts so far proving futile.

Exotic pet probe continues

Customs officers are continuing to investigate an attempt to import a sugar glider possum into the Cayman Islands last week.

Only 1,400 iguanas culled in May, concerning environment chiefs

Environment officials are rethinking their iguana-control strategy after a weak return in the first month of a planned community cull.

EDITORIAL – Few winners in Cayman’s ‘Lizard Lotto’

The Cayman Islands government’s big idea – to supplement professional green iguana cullers with a volunteer "lizard lotto" – turned out to be a bad idea.

The peace offer

EDITORIAL – Cayman’s great iguana glut

Don’t blame Fred Burton. He’s a good guy bearing really bad news.

EDITORIAL – Iguana hunters battle Cayman’s ‘green horde’

The green iguana is rapidly becoming the most successful land-dwelling species in the history of the Cayman Islands. (Emphasis on the word “rapidly.”)

Sharing Cayman tradition: cracking almond seeds

Ever since he was a little boy, Pedro Watler, 56, has loved to crack almonds.

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