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Water Authority welcomes back new graduates

The Water Authority – Cayman says its family has grown with the return of two of its scholarship recipients, Chynna Retumban and Kristina Powell.

Water Authority scholarship applications open

The Water Authority – Cayman is accepting applications its annual $30,000 scholarship. The deadline for applications is March 31. Water Authority Director Gelia Frederick-van Genderen said the Authority is looking for the next generation of water professionals.

Utilities law written without advice of utility companies

Legal drafters penning an 82-page law to create a unified regulatory office for Cayman’s utility providers did not solicit opinions from the half-dozen affected companies, instead they only consulted their controlling agencies.

Utility chiefs cautious on new regulations

Utility chiefs have reacted cautiously to Monday’s publication of a draft law creating a unified commission to oversee water, electricity, telephone and fuel providers, while dissolving separate regulatory bodies previously responsible for each industry.

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