Water Authority scholarship applications open

The Water Authority – Cayman is accepting applications its annual $30,000 scholarship. The deadline for applications is March 31.

Water Authority Director Gelia Frederick-van Genderen said the Authority is looking for the next generation of water professionals.

The scholarship will be offered to a qualified Caymanian for an undergraduate academic or technical/vocational degree or diploma in a field of study relevant to the Authority’s work.

Relevant fields of study, according to a press release, include: environmental engineering, environmental science, civil engineering, hydrogeology, mechanical engineering, wastewater treatment, water resource/supply management, reverse osmosis technology and information technology.

Ms. Frederick-van Genderen said that while accounting, finance, and business management are also fields of interest, the Authority’s focus is on the more technical fields.

“Our primary focus is on nurturing talent in the technical fields so that we can ensure there are educated, trained young Caymanians ready to run our water and wastewater plants into the future and fulfil the growing water needs of our country,” Ms. Frederick-van Genderen said.

“Water is essential to all life on Earth,” she said in the press release. “We need clean water for environmental and human health, for economic growth and social development. Working in the water sector provides meaningful career opportunities in a stable industry that really makes a difference to people’s quality of life.”

For more information, visit www.waterauthority.ky/community-connect-scholarships.