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Cayman’s courts have ramped up their emergency contingency plan to counter COVID-19 issues.

Parts of Customs and Border Control Law incompatible with Bill of Rights

The Grand Court has ruled that Section 9 of the Bill of Rights covering 'Private and family life' must be considered by the Immigration Appeals Tribunal when considering whether a person can remain on island.
Immigration & employment during the COVID-19 crisis

Immigration & employment Q&A roundup

Representatives from HSM Chambers joined us for a live Q&A, so you could have your questions answered directly by the experts.
Q&A: Ask the Experts - HSM Chambers

Q&A: Ask the Experts – HSM Chambers

Have questions about how COVID-19 impacts your immigration status? Are you an employer wondering what coronavirus restrictions mean for your businesses' ability to hire...

More than 60 percent of residency denials appealed

More than 200 applicants for permanent residence who were denied that immigration status since 2017 have filed challenges to those decisions, according to records obtained by a Cayman Compass Freedom of Information request.

Immigration faces legal challenge over lengthy bureaucratic delays

It is taking the Cayman Islands Immigration Department up to six months to stamp the passport of a Caymanian status or permanent residence recipient, if that person won their permission to remain in Cayman following an appeal to the Immigration Appeals Tribunal, court papers filed last week allege.

Business leaders outraged over consumer protection plan

Claiming it would increase customer costs, add legal risks for operating almost any business and even create a “nanny state” in the Cayman Islands, local business leaders railed against dozens of provisions contained in the government’s draft Consumer Protection Bill.

The children of ‘ghosts’ haunt Cayman immigration

A group of people sometimes referred to as “Ghost Caymanians” are now spawning a second generation that Cayman Islands Immigration Law has little, if any, means to address, legal experts warn.

Permanent residence applications: 8 approved, 10 denied

Eight permanent residence applications have been approved since May and 10 have been denied, according to figures released Friday by the Cayman Islands government.

‘Invisible hand’ preventing PR progress, law firm alleges

An "invisible hand" appears to be blocking attempts to address years-long delays involving hundreds of applicants for permanent residence in the Cayman Islands, as the processing of the applications has again "stagnated," according to attorneys from a local law firm.

Third court challenge filed over permanent residency delay

A Cayman Islands insolvency accountant is the third person to file a legal challenge over government’s three-and-a-half year delay in considering his application for permanent residence.

EDITORIAL – Permanent residence: The Progressives’ explosive legacy

When the Progressives passed their Immigration Law in fall 2013, they handed the Cayman Islands a ticking time bomb of uncertainty and legal liability.

Law firm: Changes to residency system ‘largely cosmetic’

The Cayman Islands law firm at the center of two high-profile court challenges to the local Immigration Law said Thursday that Cabinet-approved changes to...

EDITORIAL – Permanent residence: Financial executive takes case to court

We cannot imagine the premier will be able to maintain his silence much longer on permanent residence applications. It will be the courts that will force him to obey the very laws that he and his government enacted.

EDITORIAL – Permanent residence: A high price to pay for dawdle and delay

Our government’s deliberate inaction has put the country at great, and growing, risk of being taken to court, and losing – big time – with significant financial ramifications.

Lawyers: Immigration’s risk of human rights infringement growing ‘daily’

A myriad of legal difficulties arising in the determination of nearly 800 applications for permanent residence made by foreign nationals in the Cayman Islands has created a growing danger of human rights challenges against the government, a danger that is increasing on a “daily basis,” according to a review of the issues completed by a local law firm.

Women at center of landmark immigration case granted PR

Two women who applied for permanent residence nearly a decade ago were granted that status last week in a case in which Cayman’s chief justice ruled a “miscarriage of justice” had occurred.

Five foreign attorneys refused admission in AHAB litigation

Issues regarding the employment of Caymanian attorneys come before the Grand Court.

‘Sea-change’ in permanent residence process expected

The effect of a judgment issued by Chief Justice Anthony Smellie could have a "sea-change" effect on the way permanent residence applications are handled.

Law would affect dismissal process, severance payments

The proposed Labour Relations Bill includes many changes to the process for dismissing or terminating an employee.

The costs of compliance: What will labor law require?

Cayman's businesses will have to spend time and money figuring out the latest rendition of government's employment requirements.

Business in brief

A roundup of local business briefs.

The hidden costs of permanent residence applications

Unstated costs involved in applying for permanent residence can add thousands of dollars to what is an already pricey endeavor for those seeking to remain in Cayman for the rest of their lives.

Lawyer: New Labour Law adds costs

Local businesses should brace for big change when new labor legislation takes effect, a local attorney advises.

Cayman to dump current trademarks law

Cayman seeks to bring its rules around patents and trademarks into the 21st century.

Residency applications plummet

Permanent residence applications in Cayman drop off following big changes in the Immigration Law.

Government clears way for PR applications

A significant number of changes are made that affect people applying for permanent residence in the Cayman Islands.

PR backlog: ‘Far more’ than reported

The backlog of permanent residence applications in Cayman is likely far more than recent reports indicate.

Two Caymanians called to the bar

Sophie Benbow and Brigitte Tomascik, two Caymanian lawyers from Appleby’s articled clerk program, have been called to the bar.

Former senior cop facing major Tempura expenses

A one-time Cayman Islands corruption-buster finds himself standing alone in the Operation Tempura saga.

Kernohan suit settled for undisclosed sum

Attorneys for former police commissioner Stuart Kernohan and Cayman’s government have reached a settlement in the wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Mr. Kernohan in May 2009.

Residence renewals get complicated

Simply renewing permanent resident immigration status in the Cayman Islands has gotten a lot more difficult.

Nick Joseph joins HSM Chambers

Law firm HSM Chambers has been joined by partner Nick Joseph on 1 March, 2013. A former partner of Appleby Cayman, Mr. Joseph will be leading the HSM Business Establishment, Employment and Immigration practices

Business in brief

Business in brief.

Law Society elects new president

Alasdair Robertson succeeds Charles Jennings as president of the Cayman Islands Law Society.

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