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Immigration legislation delayed

Government stated on Friday that legislative changes to facilitate the transition of immigration-related powers to the Workforce Opportunities Residency Cayman, known as WORC, and Customs and Border Control, will not take effect on Jan. 1 as previously announced.

Bill paves way for workforce development agency

Government has released an Immigration (Transition) Bill, 2018, which would effectively repeal the current Immigration Law (2015 Revision) and create a new Workforce Opportunities Residency Cayman agency.

Man obtains fake passport stamp from acquaintance at liquor store

Alvin Oricho Harriott, 43, was fined $300 on Wednesday after pleading guilty to possession of a forged endorsement of an immigration stamp in his passport.

Law changes make Caymanian spouses equal in citizenship claims

Foreign spouses of Caymanians will no longer be treated unequally when it comes to requirements for British Overseas Territories citizenship.

Immigration Bill aims to resurrect ‘ghost Caymanians’

Certain local residents who believed for years, even decades, that they were Caymanian – as defined under local Immigration Law – only to learn that they did not legally hold that status will be allowed to apply to obtain it, regardless of their age or how long they have been in the territory.
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Cabinet declines to deport track coach Stephens

Ato Modibo Stephens will be allowed to remain in the Cayman Islands despite a court’s recommendation that he be deported following his conviction last year for convincing a 14-year-old girl to send him topless photos of herself.

Premier: More than 800 residency bids decided, with 400 to go

With about two-thirds of Cayman’s backlogged permanent residency applications decided, government records show about 65 percent of those bids have been approved since last June.

Six more gain permanent residence after waiting 4+ years

A woman who waited so long for a decision on her permanent residence application that her son became Caymanian during the delay period is one of six people recently granted residency. She applied more than four years ago.

Governor to expedite citizenship bids

Recent permanent residence grantees who have waited more than 15 months to receive that immigration status may now apply immediately for naturalization as a British Overseas Territories citizen.

The children of ‘ghosts’ haunt Cayman immigration

A group of people sometimes referred to as “Ghost Caymanians” are now spawning a second generation that Cayman Islands Immigration Law has little, if any, means to address, legal experts warn.

Premier: No ‘mass grants’ of permanent residency

Just one out of the 10 permanent residence applications considered by the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board Thursday received approval, according to government officials.
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Residence for the rich gets more costly

Obtaining the right to remain in the Cayman Islands as a "person of independent means" has just become more expensive.

EDITORIAL – PR delays: Are the courts the only solution?

"Soon come" has come and gone for the roughly 1,000 people with pending applications for Cayman Islands permanent residency.

EDITORIAL – The government’s callous approach to expats (and pensions)

The Progressives government’s attitude toward expatriates too often can be approximated in a half-dozen words: “If you don’t like it – Leave.”

Immigration, permanent residence: Time bomb continues to tick

Three-and-a-half years and three lawsuits later, the Cayman Islands government has granted a total of two people permanent residence out of close to 1,000 applications filed under the current Immigration Law.

First residency applications approved under new Immigration Law

Under threat of legal action, the first two permanent residence applications filed under the current iteration of the Cayman Islands Immigration Law were approved this week, the Cayman Compass has learned.

Permanent residence delays ‘classic case of mismanagement’

Two Newlands independent political candidates alleged Friday that the Progressives government’s mismanagement led to delays in hearing hundreds of permanent residence applications, delays the candidates said were “playing with people’s lives.”

New immigration regulations seek to clarify residence applications

All pending applicants for permanent residence in Cayman – of which there are now more than 900 – will receive the maximum 15 points awarded for their current job, regardless of what job they hold.

MLAs urge prosecution of partners of Cayman’s major law firms

Unnamed Cayman Islands law firms are accused of “intentionally ignoring and deliberately circumventing” both the Legal Practitioners Law and Immigration Law, in a private members’ motion filed with the Legislative Assembly.

Deportation challenge could set legal precedent

A blanket provision in Cayman’s Immigration Law that requires the removal of a non-Caymanian from the islands following conviction for any offense carrying at least a 12-month prison sentence may face court challenges in the coming months.

Senior immigration officer charged with assisting illegal migrant

A Cayman Islands assistant chief immigration officer was charged Friday with offenses under the local Immigration Law and the Misuse of Drugs Law in relation to a police raid at her home in August.

Cabinet allowed immigration scammer to remain in Cayman

Paul Anthony Hume Ebanks, who was convicted Tuesday of taking money from victims he conned in an immigration status scam, had been given special permission to remain and work in the Cayman Islands by Cabinet in early 2012.

Unpaid PR fees reach over $4 million

Government is owed more than $4 million in unpaid permanent residency fees, some dating back seven years, according to data from a citizens’ freedom of information request.

SteppingStones partners with Dinner Martin and Omni Cayman

SteppingStones Recruitment announced a strategic partnership with Dinner Martin Attorneys and Omni Cayman to provide enhanced immigration and payroll services. SteppingStones said it formed the alliance due to the ever-changing and complex nature of Cayman’s Immigration Law and to focus on its core recruitment business.

EDITORIAL – Permanent residence: A high price to pay for dawdle and delay

Our government’s deliberate inaction has put the country at great, and growing, risk of being taken to court, and losing – big time – with significant financial ramifications.

Bahamian national held for illegal landing

A Bahamian national charged with illegal landing has been remanded in custody so that local authorities can check the story put forward on his behalf on Monday afternoon in Summary Court.

Nearly 800 PR applicants await decision

An estimated 793 applications for permanent residence in the Cayman Islands have been filed under the revised Immigration Law that took effect on Oct. 26, 2013, including 182 applications that were filed this year.

Premier: Residency review ‘not intended’ for publication

A consultant’s review of the Cayman Islands Immigration Law completed earlier this year is “not intended” for publication, according to Premier Alden McLaughlin.

Miller, McLean: No PR for Cayman’s ‘economic migrants’

Two independent opposition MLAs said they oppose granting permanent resident status to long-term Cayman Islands workers who do not have direct family connections to the islands, in comments made during budget debates over the past week.

No permanent residency approvals granted in 2015

Although nearly 650 applications for permanent residence in the Cayman Islands have been filed since October 2013, not a single one was accepted or denied during the past year, according to Immigration Department records.

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