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Premier Panton vows to revive sexual harassment legislation

Premier Wayne Panton has vowed to bring legislation dealing with sexual harassment to parliament within the next year.

Cayman legislation gets dedicated website

A newly launched government website will provide users with access to all of Cayman’s legislation for free.

Legal Practitioners Bill stalled, may return for vote in 2017

Another attempt to pass modern regulatory standards for Cayman Islands lawyers ahead of an international financial review failed Tuesday as the Progressives-led administration agreed to push back a vote on the Legal Practitioners Bill (2016) until the next Legislative Assembly meeting is held, possibly in January.

Legislative roundup: 22 bills pass in 7 days

Cayman Islands lawmakers have approved 22 pieces of legislation in just seven days of meetings over the past two weeks. Some of the more controversial items on government’s agenda are due to come before the Legislative Assembly this week. All of bills approved so far still need a third and final reading in the Assembly, but that is largely a formality, and it is expected that all previously approved legislation will pass with few amendments.

Cayman Water calls for utility law rewrite

Cayman Water has asked government to withdraw and rewrite a proposed bill investing a new utilities regulation office with broad unilateral powers to control the firm’s activities. The company says it was not consulted on the bill.

New rules for nonprofits approved, despite concerns

Cayman Islands lawmakers approved legislation Wednesday that will register and regulate nonprofit organizations, in a bid to prevent such groups potentially being used as cover for illegal activities such as money laundering or terrorist financing. Financial Services Minister Wayne Panton said there were no instances reported locally in which charities were used to such an end.

EDITORIAL – When having ‘stacks of bills’ isn’t desirable

We can’t help but empathize with the anxiety expressed by several elected members in today’s newspaper over the sheer quantity of legislation the Progressives administration has crammed into the agenda of the new parliamentary session.

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