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Crown counsel: Officers can’t be blamed for executing search warrant

A Crown counsel has told the Grand Court that Customs and Border Control officers cannot be held legally liable for executing a search warrant...

Doctors Express lawyer: Cannabis-vape seizure was unlawful

A judicial review into the authorisation and execution of a warrant used by Customs and Border Control officers to raid Doctors Express for medical cannabinoids and vapes resumed in the Grand Court on Tuesday, 3 Nov.

Doctors Express resumes sale of vaporised cannabis products

The Doctors Express medical clinic is once again stocking pharmaceutical-grade vaporisable medical cannabis almost a year after being ordered to stop prescribing and selling those products.

Insurers ponder cannabis coverage

Health insurance providers in the Cayman Islands that previously did not cover medical cannabis are now reviewing their positions, according to the leader of Cayman’s health insurance advisory group.

HSA doctors on high alert for vaping, e-cigarette illnesses

The Health Services Authority has confirmed that its medical staff treated two e-cigarette users but stopped short of linking their symptoms with the use of those products.

Customs seize vaping products in Doctors Express search

Customs and Border Control officers searched Doctors Express Tuesday, days after the medical facility was forced to pull cannabis vaping products from its shelves, according to a government spokesperson.

Study examines Cayman’s use of medical marijuana

In the 16 months his pharmacies have been dispensing cannabis products, David Pellow said about 300 people have filled prescriptions for the drug, which is dispensed in the form of an oil or pill.

Lydia Warren leaves legacy of medical advocacy

The woman who inspired a movement to legalize medicinal cannabis in the Cayman Islands has died.

EDITORIAL – Medical cannabis: Sober reflection on drug law

Our country seems to be of two (or more) conflicting minds about ganja, and whether its use should be tolerated, discouraged or punishable by prison.

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