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Close encounters help change fearsome image of sharks

Thrilling close encounters with sharks in Cayman's waters are helping change the image of the apex predators and educate divers about conservation efforts.

DoE: Leave the sharks alone

The Department of Environment has issued a reminder to the public not to harass or disturb marine wildlife after videos and photos of a shark spotted close to shore along Seven Mile Beach made the rounds over the weekend.

Lionfish culler healing after being bitten by nurse shark

Diver Paul Egleston is healing and in good spirits after being bitten by a nurse shark on Saturday.

DoE locates missing shark tag

The Department of Environment offered a $200 reward for anyone who located a satellite tag that dislodged from a Caribbean reef shark off Little Cayman on Thursday night, but the tag was found in the end by one of the department’s own officers.

Cayman’s sorry shark tale continues

Despite a ban on shark fishing and 10 years of focussed conservation effort, the apex predator remains vulnerable in Cayman’s waters.

Cayman marks decade of shark conservation

This year marks the 10th anniversary of a collaboration between Cayman’s Department of Environment and the UK-based Marine Conservation International aimed at protecting sharks in local waters.

$300,000 donation for Guy Harvey shark studies

An anonymous donor has gifted US$300,000 to the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation to support shark research.

EDITORIAL — Getting serious about resource preservation

More than a third of all marine mammals around the world; more than 40% of amphibian species. The prospect is — or ought to be — unthinkable.

Shark deaths a concern for Cayman researchers

Despite becoming a protected species in the territory since the introduction of the National Conservation Law, sharks continue to be targeted.

Wandering whale sharks travel 10,000 miles

Whale sharks are known to be nomadic ocean wanderers. But the extent of their travels had not been recorded until a recent study involving the Guy Harvey Research Institute.

Rare glimpse of hammerhead at sandbar

They came for “breakfast with the rays” and found the rays were on the menu.

‘Shark talks’ to get kids hooked on conservation

Shark movies, beach cleanups and fishing clinics are all part of the line-up for this year’s Ocean Conservation Month.

Cayman Brac divers make rare whale shark sighting

Scuba divers on Cayman Brac got the thrill of a lifetime this weekend when the biggest fish in the ocean showed up to play.

Baited cameras survey Cayman’s sharks

Researchers are poring over more than 100 hours of footage recorded using baited underwater camera traps as part of a study of the island’s shark populations.

Divers spot sharks for science

Affectionate nicknames like Smudge, Scarlet and Big Bertha are not the first thing most people think of when they see a seven-foot shark cruise by.

‘Bludgeoned’ juvenile shark sparks concern

A juvenile blacktip shark that appeared to have been bludgeoned to death was found in the shallows off Starfish Point on Monday.

The attack

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