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Interactive map: Farm to fork in 20,000 miles

With the help of Progressive Distributors, the Cayman Compass tracks some of the main ingredients from farm or factory to our table.

Planes, trucks and freighters: Unravelling the global supply chain that feeds Cayman

As a small island with negligible food production, Cayman relies on a complex global supply chain to keep its stores stocked. A handful of companies source products and produce from across the globe. We take a closer look at how they do it and the multiple factors that drive up costs for Cayman shoppers.

Global trade recovers but container shortage lingers on

The international trade of goods continued to rebound in the final quarter of 2020. Following the pandemic-induced sharp decline in the first half of last year, G20 international merchandise exports were up 7.2% and imports rose 6.8% in the fourth quarter.

It is time to scrap the Jones Act

Congress is thinking about giving Puerto Rico a new five-year exemption from the law. That is the least it should do.

Students check out high-tech navigation

Students recently discovered a novel way to navigate George Town harbor.

Big ship proves a draw

After hearing a call to Radio Cayman from Raymond Scott of Cayman Brac noting that a large tanker would be passing by George Town, local resident Zeta Bodden made her way to the waterfront and caught the ship passing not far from shore on April 11.

First Cayman Maritime Week launches in May

A new conference in early May will bring the global maritime industry to the Cayman Islands.

Cayman tops international shipping standards

The International Chamber of Shipping has rated Cayman Registry as top of class for the fifth consecutive year in its 2015/2016 Annual Flag State Performance Table.

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