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Port Authority: Eden Rock damage was ‘no one’s fault’

A boating incident that left the coral reef at Cayman’s Eden Rock dive site covered in sand was likely an ‘unfortunate accident’, according to both the Port Authority and the Department of Environment.

Man discovers rift in South Sound seabed

The full effects of the January’s 7.7 earthquake are still coming to light, this after a man discovered an crack on the seabed of the South Sound lagoon.

DoE: Large marine animal sightings a welcome sign

Recent sightings of a sperm whale and its calf and a large sixgill shark surfacing in local waters are encouraging signs that demonstrates Cayman’s rich diversity, the Department of Environment’s Tim Austin has said.

Nassau grouper restrictions to continue

Even though Cayman’s Nassau grouper numbers are increasing, government restrictions on catching the fish will continue.

Stingray City freeze to run for 6 months

The Department of Environment has suspended issuing new Stingray City/Sandbar licences.

Cayman coastline hit by stinky seaweed, again

The stench coming from many of Cayman’s beaches these days is horrible. That was the reaction from Education Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, as the stench of rotting sargassum wafted through the Cayman Islands.

Warning over mishandling of wildlife

Environment officials have issued a warning over the handling of wildlife by divers, snorkelers and swimmers after a spike in complaints.

New bid to bolster iguana cull army

With the law of diminishing returns beginning to impact Grand Cayman’s great green iguana cull, officials are making a new plea for people to get involved.

Sargassum invasion hits Cayman again

Several Cayman Islands beaches were blanketed in foul-smelling sargassum weed again this week, with the Department of Environment warning periodic seaweed invasions are likely to continue.

Rare coral threatened by disease

Scientists are attempting to save a rare species of “pillar coral” blighted by disease.

Recovered ghost net may be reincarnated as sports shoes

Material from a deadly ghost net removed from Cayman’s waters last week is being shipped to the U.S. and may be used in the manufacture of Adidas sports shoes.

A killer net in Cayman waters? Not today, Bobo

A deadly “ghost net” devouring fish and sharks off the coast of the Cayman Islands was removed from the water Friday thanks to the efforts of local fishermen.

‘Ghost net’ found off Cayman

Fishermen made the horrific find of hundreds of dead fish and sharks tangled in an abandoned net drifting off Grand Cayman on Monday.

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