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Morici: Robots and artificial intelligence will not be the end of work

AI will not replace doctors, but it will permit them to treat more patients more effectively and at lower costs. And somehow, I do not think people are quite ready to leave life and death decisions to an iPhone app.

Mitchell: Macron’s reforms sure to boost job growth in France

France has all sorts of rules that “protect” employees, but the net effect is that workers suffer because these laws discourage entrepreneurs from creating jobs.

College isn’t the only way to achieve your dreams

While college is an important and desirable rite of passage for many, policymakers must pay more attention to the segment of the population that is looking for different pathways into the middle class.

EDITORIAL – Work permit backlog: ‘Help Wanted’ (needed) at Immigration

Lines are lengthening, applications are piling up, and tales of dysfunction are spilling out. Just another day at the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration.

EDITORIAL — Testing our commitment to quality education

Recently released testing results from the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre are troubling enough for us to sound an alarm that should alert –...

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