POLICE REPORT: Teen injured

A 15-year old male resident suffered injuries to his collarbone and knee after falling off a dirt bike Sunday, at 1.09pm.

The accident occurred in the vicinity of Sparky Drive off North Sound Road. Police and paramedics responded to the scene and the injured boy was transported to the Cayman Islands Hospital for treatment.

In other police news, a man reported on Sunday around 9.42 pm that his Ford Taurus was stolen from a residence in Maple Road with his four-year old child in the back seat.

Police Officers were dispatched to the scene and the car was shortly recovered in the vicinity of Maple Road and Middle Road.

The child was not injured, however a handbag containing a quantity of cash was stolen from the vehicle.

The police continue to receive reports of thefts from vehicles and are advising members of the public not to leave any valuables inside their vehicles and to park their cars in well-lit areas. Persons who observe any suspicious activity in parking lots are asked to contact the RCIPS at 949-4222.

Following a post mortem examination conducted last Thursday, the American male who was fatally injured after being hit by a vehicle on Friday, 10 December, has been identified as Jeffery Keith Grimmett.

Mini motorbikes or Pocket Bikes are very popular, especially among teens, however, police are advising that they can also be dangerous. In the US there have been several reports of persons being severely or fatally injured on the bikes.

Police are advising owners of pocket bikes of the following safety tips:

Do not ride your pocket bike on the road, as this is an offence.

Always ride on a smooth surface that is free from obstruction.

Always wear a helmet, elbow pads and kneepads when riding the pocket bike.

Always ride your pocket bike during the daytime hours.

Do not ride your pocket bike in wet conditions or on rough surfaces.

Never ride with more that one person on the bike.

Parents should closely monitor their children when they are on the bikes.

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