Law School seeks partner

The Cayman Islands Law School has made a proposal to the West Indies Council of Legal Education that, if approved, will result in the council becoming the Law School’s new overseas certifying partner for the Professional Practice Course.

The proposal has already been the subject of a detailed review on behalf of the council and is expected to receive favourable consideration at its next meeting scheduled for 21 January 2005, said Law School Director Mitchell Davies, states a press release.

The postgraduate Professional Practice Course was developed for trainee attorneys in the Cayman Islands. Upon completion of this course’s qualifying examination and after serving the required period under Articles of Clerkship, a trainee attorney may be called to the Bar of the Cayman Islands and will be allowed to practice as an attorney.

‘Alongside the success of its undergraduate programmes, the Law School has, over the past five years, particularly focussed its attentions on the professional stage of legal education and the development of its Professional Practice Course,’ said Course Leader Deborah Barker.

The Law School’s other programmes, a full time and part time LLB (Honours) degree, are under the aegis of the University of Liverpool, to which the Law School is affiliated. The Law School is recognised by the Law Society and General Council of the Bar of England and Wales as having Qualifying Law Degree status in respect of the LLB. The school also offers a part time diploma programme.

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