CUC explains Christmas outage

At approximately 7:30pm on Christmas Day residents of West Bay experienced a black out when a fault occurred at CUC’s West Bay Substation. The outage was caused by a faulty lightning arrestor, which short-circuited the Company’s overhead 69KV transmission line from the Morgan’s Harbour area to the Substation behind the West Bay Fire Station.

CUC’s line crews conducted the necessary physical inspection of the power lines and carried out repairs before re-energizing customers between 10.15 and 10.30 pm.

The Company is rebuilding two of its distribution circuits, which in a pre-Ivan scenario would have provided the necessary backup system would have shortened this outage for consumers in West Bay.

In addition, a new substation is under construction in Hydesville, off Willie Farrington Drive, and will be in service by the spring of 2005.

This new indoor, gas insulated substation will enhance the reliability of service to customers and accommodate future customer load in the West Bay area.

CUC regrets for the inconvenience caused to the residents of West Bay.

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