Port officer responds

Questions about the delay in offloading the vessel Annemarie B were answered by Mr. Joseph Woods, marine and cargo manager and port facility security officer.

Mr. Woods began by apologising for his own delay in contacting the Caymanian Compass. ‘We’ve been really busy,’ he said, noting that the men on the dock began work on Wednesday at 6am and continued until 2am Thursday. They then came back at noon on Thursday to work until 2am Friday.

The closure of the Port Authority offices from 1pm on 24 December was part of the reason it took longer than usual to offload the Annemarie B.

But even if the port had been open, Mr. Woods pointed out, working conditions would have been affected by the cold front that hit this area over the holiday weekend. In fact, one vessel that was tied up had to leave the dock because of the weather.

Mr. Woods also noted that, although the port office closed at 1pm on Friday, dock workers stayed behind to take some reefers [refrigerated containers] off of one vessel that afternoon.

He indicated that the dock workers deserved the holiday break. ‘They’ve been working so hard it was nice of management to give them Christmas off,’ Mr. Woods said.

He confirmed that the Annemarie B was discharged and reloaded with empty containers, leaving Grand Cayman yesterday.

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