Skate park opens

Get your skates on and make your way to Grand Harbour this weekend.

Cayman’s newest leisure attraction is opening this afternoon. The skating part of the Black Pearl Skate and Surf Park is now complete and ready for action.

The skate park will consist of different sections to suit every level of skating enthusiast. There will be a flow course and a street course catering for beginner, intermediate and advanced skaters.

The skating side of the park is to open softly, but the grand opening at its Grand Harbour facility in Red Bay can be expected soon.

Next week should see the soft opening of the wave pool. This was imported from Europe and is a stationary wave generator than can create waves of up to 11 feet.

Mr. Norm Belanger, Sales and Marketing Manager with Caribbeus Architecture Development, which is behind the project, said they are waiting for the pool’s pumps to be certified. An engineer is flying down from the US to do this and it is expected that this attraction will then open.

The park will be targeted at both cruise ship passengers and stay-over tourists, along with Cayman Islands residents.

The North American market will be particularly targeted, said Mr. Belanger. Up to 20 skate camps will be organised for kids from North America throughout the year, with skating and perhaps motor-cross competitive and televised world events planned for the spring.

This will be advertised in the US to cater toward family packages.

Before the passage of Hurricane Ivan a mid November opening had been planned for the park.

The park is open today from 4-6pm and from then on every day from 9am to 6pm. There will be more information and pictures in a forthcoming Caymanian Compass.

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