Digicel continues to grow

Digicel Group, the fastest growing mobile telecommunications operator in the Caribbean, has announced its customer base grew by 33 per cent in 2004.

This extensive growth can be attributed to the company’s entry into new markets and top ratings in customer satisfaction. Over the last year, Digicel has solidified its position as the largest GSM mobile provider in the region, as well as ensuring that the public has easy access to new offerings and quality service.

Entering 2005, Digicel plans to continue growing its pan-Caribbean network and market share across Jamaica, St. Lucia, Grenada, Aruba, St. Vincent/Grenadines, Barbados and The Cayman Islands.

“The entire company is pleased to celebrate our significant accomplishments in the wireless marketplace and in Caribbean society,’ said Raoul Fontanez, CEO, Digicel Group. ‘Digicel is poised for continued success in the new year, with plans to expand our footprint in the region and launch valuable, new communications services for our customers.’

Digicel kicked off the New Year with two new offers including rollover minutes and pre-paid roaming to the UK. Customers purchasing or upgrading mobile phones this year can select from a wide variety of handsets. Digicel has introduced new phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Panasonic, Samsung and Sagem throughout its dealer network stores.

Highlights of Digicel’s business successes and community achievements over the past year include:

New Offers and Stores: Digicel was first-to-market with many innovative wireless offers and services, such as Call Me and WebFLEX, a secure Internet-based offering that allows customers to add call credit to their accounts. The company has also invested over US$500,00 in rolling out Digicel World Super Stores in Jamaica and St Lucia.

New Markets: Digicel launched in Barbados and The Cayman Islands in 2004, and made further strides to expand its footprint in the Caribbean.

Digicel Foundation: A non-profit organization was developed and launched in 2004 that focuses on building communities through educational, social and cultural initiatives. The foundation has numerous projects already underway and several completed, including the rebuilding of Lakes Pen Basic School in St. Catherine, Jamaica.

Sponsorships: Digicel inked an historic multi-million dollar sponsorship agreement with the West Indies Cricket Team valued at US$20 million, as well as a landmark sponsorship for the Digicel Caribbean Cup in association with the Caribbean Football Union.

Local Economic Growth: Digicel continued to be a significant contributor to local economies, which included the creation of hundreds of jobs for local residents and companies that service operations. Digicel employs close to 1,000 staff members, of which 90 percent are of Caribbean descent.

Customer Satisfaction: Digicel Jamaica was recognized as the No. 1 company in Jamaica for customer satisfaction according to a September 2004 study conducted by Marketing Strategy Ltd., a Jamaica-based market research organization.

One of Digicel’s biggest achievements in 2004 was also its most challenging. The company’s character was tested this fall when Hurricane Ivan swept across the islands of Cayman, Grenada and Jamaica. These islands are home to 90 percent of Digicel employees and many Digicel customers. It was a defining set of circumstances in the company’s history that also solidified its values and brought employees and customers closer together.

Even before committing US$5 million for relief efforts in the islands of Jamaica, Grenada and Cayman, Digicel employees distributed food, water, and clothes to the community after the storm, while engineers and equipment were dispatched to sustain power and service to customers. Digicel’s values that promote respect, confidence, hard-work, honesty, communication and responsibility, were stretched to the limit and proven against one of the worst hurricanes in the past 15 years.

“Digicel’s mission is being a valuable member of the Caribbean community,” asserted Fontanez. “We strongly believe in the community and doing our part to sustain the social and cultural values in the region. Digicel will not only offer cutting edge wireless technology for our customers, but also nurture professional and personal connections between Caribbean nations and people. We anticipate many more achievements in telecommunications and in Caribbean society in 2005.’

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