Three get trailer homes in BT

Three single mothers were ecstatic to be the first to each receive trailer homes in the district of Bodden Town Friday.

In a small ceremony on the grounds of the Seniors Community Centre, where the trailers are located, Alice Mae Bodden, Yasmin Connor and Monica Anderson received the keys to their new homes from Education Minister Roy Bodden.

Mr. Bodden said he was happy that the homes were going to three young women with responsibilities in the town. ‘I know you will appreciate and take the best care of them,’ he said.

Mr. Bodden also said he concurred with Ms Lawrence that when the trailers were placed in a more appropriate area ‘he would encourage the occupants to try and enhance and upgrade the estate surrounding them.’

‘Plant flowers and trees to beautify the surroundings so that you will feel that the trailers are more individualised, rather than it being some part of a trailer home in which everyone is anonymous. Stamp your own imprint there,’ said Mr. Bodden.

On receiving the keys both Alice Mae and Yasmin said they were shocked and surprised when they each received a call on Friday stating that they had received trailer homes.

‘All I could say was oh my God and dropped everything I was doing,’ said Yasmin.

‘It was a big surprise for me when Mr. Doss Solomon from the temporary housing office called to inform me of the ceremony that evening in which I would receive the keys to one of the trailer homes. It was like a blessing in disguise for me,’ said smiling Yasmin.

Touring their new quarters Alice Mae and Yasmin made plans as to what they would do to make their accommodations homier.

Sitting in the dining area of one of the trailers, both parents spoke of the hardship they had endured trying to find homes after Hurricane Ivan destroyed their places, but were relieved that they now had somewhere to place their children.

At the end of the ceremony both ladies acknowledged their thanks to Mrs Basdeo, Twyla Vargas, Orrett Connor, Doss Solomon from the Temporary Housing office and Ms Lawrence for providing the site and other invited guests for being so supportive in attend the ceremony.

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