SITA elects newest members

At the recent SITA meeting held on Little Cayman the new President and Committee were elected into office.

The 2005 President is Max Hillier who has been working in tourism on Cayman Brac since 1993 and is the general Manager of Divi Tiara Beach Resort.

Max hopes to continue to forge strong relationships with the DOT and CITA whilst still maintaining the product differentiation and association autonomy under the umbrella of the DOT, states a press release. The other elected members for 2005 are:

Peter Hillenbrand – Vice President

Marc Pothier – Treasurer

Executive Council –

Mike Barcroft

Moses Kirkconnell

Dan Tibbetts

District Administration – Chevala Burke

Honorary non-voting members – Thom Guyton; Mel Hulse, Kathy Jackson; Karen Stewart

The Brac Bash raffle for 2004 was never held.As a result, all those who purchased tickets will be included in the 2005 Brac Bash raffle.

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