Today’s Editorial: Support for Sisters

Close to home.

Far from expected.

That’s what one sees when the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism website is opened.

While it applies to the country as a whole, it has special meaning to residents and visitors on Grand Cayman in relation to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

The Sister Islands are close to Grand Cayman and offer sites that are far from expected. Their location makes for a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life on the bigger island.

It is important for the people on Grand Cayman to support the attractions and operators on the two islands.

It is also important that those in DoT know exactly what is on offer in the two islands, especially after Hurricane Ivan.

That is why 15 staff members spent last weekend scouring Cayman Brac.

The group conducted site inspections and visited popular tourism sites such as Westerly Ponds, the caves, National Trust Parrot Reserve and Lighthouse, local handicraft, the beaches and more.

A similar trip is planned for this weekend for 15 more and a trip to Little Cayman will take place at a later date.

This working getaway for DoT staff is important. They have to know what they are selling when dealing with travel agents abroad.

The Sister Islands – Cayman Brac in particular – played a crucial role in getting tourists back to the Cayman Islands following the September hurricane.

Long before tourists were allowed back on Grand Cayman operators of tour sites and resorts were busy cleaning up their own hurricane mess to usher in visitors.

Those who keep the tourism machine well oiled and working in the Sister Islands are to be commended for their diligence in seeing that tourists were welcomed back to the Cayman Islands quickly after the storm.

Now it’s time to support the Sisters with continued visits from Grand Cayman and to tell the world that the Cayman Islands is ready, willing and able to accept tourists.

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