Good morning, Cayman

Readers of today’s edition of the Caymanian Compass will, we hope, be pleasantly surprised that the newspaper is once again your official morning newspaper of the Cayman Islands.

We made the decision to return to the morning format based on several factors, not the least of which was listening to our loyal readers and advertisers.

The decision to make the Caymanian Compass an afternoon newspaper was one of necessity following the devastation of Hurricane Ivan. Frankly, the newspaper was faced with severely damaged presses and equipment, no access to computers except two personal laptops and, more importantly, lack of staff.

We knew, though, despite personal and professional hardships that the Caymanian community needed communication restored and rampant rumours of death and destruction needed to be put to rest. We could only do that, we knew, by providing you a newspaper by any means we could. For weeks the Compass limped along with the assistance of TransOcean Bank – who generously donated use of their boardroom – and the Jamaican Gleaner to bring newspapers to the islands.

In December half of our press was restored and we were able to return to daily on-island publication.

Our mission was to regain our loyal reader and advertiser base and we think we have accomplished that. To all of you we say thank you.

We believe our decision to produce an afternoon newspaper was the correct one at the time.

We now believe that we have an opportunity to restore the Caymanian Compass to its pre-Ivan production of a morning newspaper.

We have the advantage of more of our staff coming back and new printing equipment coming in. We remain the only newspaper printed at home here in the Cayman Islands.

We are slowly returning to the main Cayman Free Press building and in October will hold Business After Hours along with the Chamber of Commerce to invite the public to see us at work.

The Caymanian Compass will continue to become better and stronger. We think we’ve already made successful inroads to that goal.

So take the copy of the Caymanian Compass you hold in your hand this morning, pour another cup of coffee and enjoy.

We thank you all for your patience and understanding and look forward to working with you to make the Cayman Islands stronger and better.