Complaint has huge impact

This letter is in response to the letter in the Tuesday, February 15, edition of the Caymanian Compass written by Mr. Jay Lynch.

While it is preferred to not humour the rantings of a person who thinks that because he owns a condo in a ‘prime Seven Mile Beach Location’ and lives there far removed from the real Cayman for ‘four months’ out of the year that they can come here and dictate, this company will do so in this occasion since the negative letter has the potential to negatively impact the very existence of this company.

Higher Heights Promotions held the referenced concert opposite the cinema February 4, 2005.

The concert was set up in such a way so that the music was facing away from West Bay Road towards the east where there are no dwellings. Additionally, once the music was turned on someone was made to stand at the entrance of Lizard Run Drive to see whether the music would negatively affect them. While the music was audible it was in no way overly loud as that location is to the rear of the speakers. Mr. Lynch’s condo in a ‘prime Seven Mile Beach Location’ is even further away, so it is puzzling as to how he could have been so negatively affected.

With all due respect to Mr. Lynch, this company is not jaded enough to believe that he called the police to complain of the loud noise and they did nothing. I have learnt that when rich occupants in a ‘prime Seven Mile Beach location’ call with an issue they are dealt with quite promptly. Concerts have been held at that same site where the music was facing the road and the police came multiple times to have the volume lowered. So why did they not do this if he called to complain about the volume of the music?

With respect to his classing the music being played as ‘spring break music’, could he please clarify what that is? Reggae, pop, rock, jazz is known but ‘spring break music’ is not. Reggae was played the entire night. How can he have been coming to these islands since 1983 and not know reggae? Does Mr. Lynch not venture out of his condo? Or does he just come here and not mix with the ‘locals’?

His calling it ‘spring break music’ implies a prejudice towards the kind of music played and the people who listen to it rather than genuine concerns over the volume.

Would he have preferred some John Tesh, Barry Manilow or Frank Sinatra?

His suggestion that those events should be held in the more remote locations on the islands is valid. But could he suggest a location?

While there are other locations that could be used, the costs are very exorbitant due to greedy liquor licensing holders or due to the high costs of renting a specially made venue. Such a venue cannot be rented for less that $3,000 per night.

Also, while he does not say what country he is from his statement that outdoor concerts of any kind do not need to be held past 11pm is downright foolish.

As for the insinuation late in the letter about profanity-laced concerts, did he report this to the police? Because that would warrant the police locking the show off. As promoters for events in these islands that is the first thing that is instilled into all performers. No curse words ! Only a fool would spend huge sums of money to put on an event and then give license for entertainers to blow it with one word.

He seems to harp on the fact that he spends four months of the year in these islands. It is assumed that those are the winter months no doubt. How nice. It would be interesting for him to answer these questions. Was he here for Hurricane Ivan? Did he stand in line for corned beef, water and bread? Did he make a donation to the National Recovery fund or to any of the people displaced by Ivan? Other than owning a condo on WB Road what social contributions does he make to the fabric of these islands? What pious arrogance does he assume to have endowed in him to assume that he can come here from whatever utopian country he originates and tell Cayman how it should be run?

The principals of this company do not have the luxury of being able to cohabitate in multiple homes in multiple countries. The concert was put on for the benefit of local Caymanians. Authorization was given by a Caymanian. Is he arrogant enough to believe that he knows better than that said authority?

The use of the land was given by a senior Caymanian past the age of 70. He does not dwell here four months of the year. He lives here year round. If he had the least bit of reservation about the event he would not have made the property available for use that night.

Higher Heights Promotions has donated substantial proceeds to the Pines Retirement Home as a result of this ‘spring break music’. This is done without newspaper photo opportunities and other publicity stunts. It is done because Cayman is home. How does he benefit Cayman beyond writing letters from his condo in a ‘prime Seven Mile Beach location’?

What Mr. Lynch has succeeding in doing is making it more difficult for this company to ever be able to get another license for such an event. Because of his obvious hatred for West Indian music this company may be severely hurt by his comments. Thanks to him it just became more difficult for a Caymanian owned company to exist.

He should be most happy with himself.

In the event that Higher Heights Promotions is never able to hold an event again I hope that he will, in lieu of this company, make the contributions to the Pines that would have made as well as help the principals of this company with their financial obligations.

Higher Heights Promotions

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