Staff dress down for tsunami aid

Ogier & Boxalls Staff The staff of Ogier & Boxalls paid to dress down every Friday in the month of January in order to support UNICEF’s rebuilding efforts for the tsunami victims in Asia. A total of US$2,682.95 was collected over the four Fridays.

The firm matched this amount, making the total contribution to the charity US$5365.90.

Each month a different charitable organisation is targeted for donations and the staff pays to dress down every Friday.

‘The organisations that are featured each month were chosen by the staff,’ says Denise Gower, marketing manager for the firm. ‘Supporting UNICEF’s efforts in Asia to bring relief to tsunami victims gained incredible support from the staff at Ogier & Boxalls. The plight of the people there was easy to relate to after what we have just been through here, but the magnitude of what happened in Asia was unfathomable. In light of the personal circumstances of so many people in Cayman, the generosity is heart-warming’.

The funds were given to the globally recognised organisation UNICEF. This donation will be used towards:

Supply of clean, safe water and provision of basic sanitation;

Emergency immunization to prevent fatal childhood diseases;

Special feeding for malnourished children and pregnant women;

Care for children who have endured traumatic events;

Shelter and protection for orphans and separated children;

Education kits and temporary classrooms to get children back to school.

Although the recovery effort is in full swing, further appeals are being made by a number of charitable organisations for funds and equipment.

‘We chose UNICEF for its ability to deal with disasters such as this, with strong policies regarding how the funds are managed,’ says Peter Cockhill, partner at Ogier & Boxalls. ‘We wanted to make sure that we sent the money to a reputable organisation that would ensure the money got to the tsunami victims that need it most.’

In February, the staff dressed down in support of the Cayman Islands National Recovery Fund.

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