Talent shines at FBCS

Students attending First Baptist Christian School were given a chance to shine Monday night. And shine they did.

Displaying the makings of fine actors, piano players, dancers and more, students put their talents on show.

With more than 15 acts, developed by students and faculty, the show spotlighted a number of talented youngsters.

From singing to dancing, drama to piano, students threw themselves into their acts. Some sang music to designed choreography, while others wore funny costumes that gave the audience a good laugh.

Young Stephany Durksen and classmate Allie Johnson also did an excellent job emceeing the whole affair.

The talent show, spearheaded by Janine Moss, was fun for adults and students who seemed to be having an excellent time.

Moss noted that while the students developed and practiced their acts on their own time, the support of the staff and administration was crucial.

For the administration, the talent show provided a great way for students to express themselves.

‘It also gave them a chance to shine,’ said coordinator Janine Moss.

At the event, students also had on display for audience viewing, a number of art work pieces.